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Ceramic tile seam filling agent prices vary so big of the mark in where?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Caulking market now is more and more large, different materials have different prices, the caulking market let owner don't know how to choose when choosing materials, all know good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, often have many small gap filling production organization, with very low price to sell, price war, everybody to want to know the performance of the ceramic tile seam filling agent essential, better quality, long service life, colour and lustre after caulking degree is high, the caulking agent are all normal products of choose and buy, the price lower caulking agent can sell for 20 yuan a set, generally the ceramic tile of brand of caulking agent can reach 200 yuan, for such a big difference where the mark? How to distinguish the stand or fall of material.

only the mark reflected in terms of material, and the effect after the construction materials of different smell. Good material you want to remember, smell is the only standard for testing the quality of the products, some people would ask is smell great quality to be a little higher, or smells small quality to be a little higher, can daydream, in real life, in addition to eat kind of smell can attract you, is there anything else, the garbage pollution, moldy food, toxic substances with color material, air pollution, these a few example, if long time not to deal with, odor, qualitative change will occur if the smell is a little harm to the body, let alone a ceramic tile gap filling agent, made from chemicals, small less pungent smell, the quality is good, is generally a better product, smell is generally low price products. There is also a kind of is a new product, smell a bit big, but accelerate the curing time, this kind of product is also belongs to the good.
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