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Ceramic tile shop if caulking agent after you need to leave a gap?

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Almost decorated, can decorate the teacher will ask: do you want to do & other; Caulking agent & throughout; , there may be some readers don't know what is filled seam an agent! Due to the time of the traditional ceramic tile aperture long easy to hide the dirty black, smooth caulking agent such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof and dirty as more and more people are tempted. So, after the ceramic tile shop is there necessary gap filling agent, below we will analyze it!

professional ceramic tile gap filling, let your floor surface is smooth, like porcelain, and high strength, wear resistance, has excellent self-cleaning property, easy to clean, wipe clean, can swab with ceramic tile; Shelter evil people and practices easily and avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. And waterproof, antifouling never dirty black, with a waterproof, moistureproof, impermeability, non-stick smudgy features, real let ceramic tile seam never dirty black. So, why ceramic tile seam? Why ceramic tile gap filling? Let's take a look at professional ceramic tile gap filling related knowledge.

why ceramic tile seam? Why do you need to do to ceramic tile gap filling?

1, the size of the ceramic tile exist error

although ceramic tile are now mechanized production, but in the process of production, there is a certain size error, if not sew, prone to shop sticks ceramic tile seam not level off, the influence of ceramic tile is beautiful.

2, ceramic tile have heat bilges cold shrink problem

ceramic tile, and stickup ceramic tile cement mortar will exist the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, or moderate changes in temperature in the process of ceramic tile and cement mortar has certain scale, if not sew, can lead to appear in the process of the ceramic tile in the later use the drum or cracking.

3, construction workers exist error

tile brick belongs to very high proficiency in a construction project, workers in the course of the shop is stuck, can't completely do the shop is stuck every piece of brick without error.

ceramic tile seam leave how much appropriate?

1, hutch defends the wall brick of the size of the seam in general should be 1 - 1. Around 5 mm, not less than 1 mm, can be as a reference by pneumatic nail or bags. Special effects can also be gap widened, such as 5 mm.

2, floor tile, such as bo changes a brick, generally in 1 seam when the shop is stuck. 5 - About 2 mm.

3, special effect can also be gap widened, such as 5 mm. Like some archaize brick or tile, balcony brick is better to leave seam width.

why ceramic tile gap filling?

ceramic tile of the main two reasons: one is for the sake of aesthetics, the second is for health. If there is no product filling of ceramic tile aperture, can easily be garbage fill, not only difficult to clean up the dirty black, and it's easy to breed bacteria, harm your family's health, become a family concern. Only in professional environmental protection gap filling product can solve the problem.

what are the ceramic tile gap filling products on the market?

1, caulking agent: it is at the main ingredient of white cement latex certain inorganic dye mixing, divided into sand type ( Used for wide brick seam) And no sand type ( Used in narrow brick seam) 。

2, caulking agent: it is an upgraded version of gap filling agent, by polymer and high-grade pigment refined but become. Caulking agent of green environmental protection, the advantage with the characteristics of waterproof, impermeability, non-stick oil, smooth surface after solidification, high intensity, abrasion resistance, don't be stained with dirt, easy to clean, can swab with ceramic tile, the ceramic tile aperture & other; Never dirty black & throughout; 。 But it also has certain shortcomings, its hardness is low, covering layer thin, due to be ability in swimming, the cured part moisture volatilizes, there will be some failures, wipe after a long time also relatively easy to broken.

3, porcelain seam is beautiful: it's a two-component, caulking agent and ceramic mud the upgrading of products, applicable to the toilet etc. At the age of damp places and easily hidden oil place such as kitchen. In addition, porcelain beauty can also replace the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, Yin and Yang Angle of glass glue, completely solve the problem of black glass glue.

after ceramic tile stick will use gap filling agent, as to use filled seam an agent that is a question of personal choice. Caulking agent is common caulking agent upgrade products, decorative and practical gap filling agent is superior to common gap filling agent, kitchen, bathroom wall ground brick seam using normal filled seam an agent for a period of time will change yellow black, even the caulking import agent is unable to solve this problem, now have a solution, is to use ceramic tile gap filling agent.
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