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Ceramic tile shop is good, how to calculate how many caulking agent will use?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Caulking agent is jointing agent upgrade products, decorative practicality of caulking agent is superior to color caulking agent. Solve the problem not beautiful ceramic tile aperture and dirty black, etc. The traditional caulking agent is coated on the surface of gap filling agent, new caulking agent seam an agent do not need to fill in the bottom, you can directly add after ceramic tile adhesive to the ceramic tile aperture. Suitable for mm above the gap filling, construction and convenient than ordinary is filled seam an agent the upgrading of products. Calculate by square or caulking agent construction according to the length of the work? When buying filled seam an agent, the product is sold by the group. But the family is decorated, the owner only know area, but don't know how to calculate the dosage. So how much to buy caulking agent is right? Actually, there are two kinds of common calculation in the market now, one is according to the square of the room number. Another is according to the dosage of m number. At first glance a listen to is very chaotic. It's not. Small make up today's international caulking agent to chat about with everybody about ceramic tile seam filling agent computing subject. * that are widely used in the ceramic tile. Basic is some families often choose the ceramic tile type. For the room floor rules shape, of course, with the length is more convenient. But some of the rooms is irregular, so, how many square directly is better. Because ceramic tile is the width of the seam is also different. We'll offer you the commonly used several kinds of specifications for ceramic tile on the market, as well as the corresponding brick seam size, let it be. But do you know? Square number converted to meters have a formula: square present ( Length * width) X ( Length + width) = the total number of meters. With such a conversion is more convenient. In order to beautiful, all kinds of special-shaped ceramic tile began to rise. Such as the recent trill very fire whirlwind of floor drain, is cut the rules for ceramic tile in design. So caulking agent dosage on the calculation results to increase the part of the backup. Small make up more than our international caulking agent to facilitate everybody contrast calculation.
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