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Ceramic tile should be how to match?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Today's home in decorating a process, more tangled problems, is the problem of color matching. After all, not every family would invite professional graphic designer to design, when be being decorated so mostly according to their own ideas for the construction. In decorating a process, the owner will often because of color matching winding and annoyance. But actually, the color, as long as the master certain rules can produce satisfactory effects. In decorating a process, the use of ceramic tile area is relatively larger. Therefore caulking small make up also emphasize to tell the color ceramic tile, and the color of caulking agent formula. A mantra: shallow to the deep furniture of this is a relatively easy formula, applicable to various color, various style of decoration. Whether the owner is the home of floor tile or wood floor, emulsioni paint or wall paper, cabinet or sofa, the formula to be able to have a reasonable use. Formula, as the name implies, is the color of wall than the color of the furniture, the ground to deep, the color of the ground in the middle, the color of wall is better than the color of the furniture, the ground should be shallow. Such collocation can let a room from top to bottom, from inside to outside rich visual sense, will not feel top-heavy, don't think the layout of the room smaller, looks more depressed, and so on. However, metope and ground color difference is not big, need at least one color, or is in a normal transition, the color of the fault that won't happen, there is a better adaptability to the human eye. Three laws, similar color similar color, means the color of similar color. More professional that is the color on the color wheel adjacent, such as yellow and green, blue and green, blue, and purple, purple and red, orange and red, the color can let a space is unified and have administrative levels feeling, is one of the owners are more likely to accept the color. This kind of match colors, more suitable for the study, the bedroom of this kind of function room. Similar color uniform in space at the same time, also can bring peace and stability for owners, more applicable in the study, this kind of bedroom needs to let the mood to relax in the room. Caulking color, similar environments will use similar color. Due to the color of caulking style is more, in general, to be able to find the similar to ceramic tile gap filling color, make whole room internal unity. , contrast color contrast is a product of similar color on the contrary, is warm and cool colors contrast strongly, make whole space more clever bright eye. Huge living room color is tie-in, fit in with the needs a person shine at the moment of the sitting room color requirements. After all, the sitting room as a guest, to reflect the owner's personal style, both personality and functionality. So on the choice of color ceramic tile, the owner can use some appropriate tile mosaics, waveguide line joining together to highlight the impact of color and individual character. Can give a sitting room aesthetic feeling already so, also accord with the pursuit of fashion. Fill in ceramic tile seam an agent on the color of choice, also should choose ceramic tile whole bright eye some contrasting colors. Platinum, white, white and brown were able to reflect individual character, which are frequently used and caulking contrast color. , same color similar color is in a selection of different shades of the same color, which form the color collocation. This kind of color is popular with the traditional owners, at the same time, the color is more pure and fresh and natural, also easy to compare with other pattern style collocation is forming. Similar color collocation is applicable to small hutch defends the collocation. Small hutch defends a because the space is small, so need to unified feeling on color make visual look more open some. Ceramic tile, for example, you can use slightly shallow to expand the space, then the color of caulking can also use similar, not abrupt as the color is tie-in, such as white, light gold. If hutch defends a space is larger, then use dark colour, also can in visual effects reflect a whole one. Such often use toilet water, in particular, vulnerable to water erosion area, brunet ceramic tile can keep out part of the stain, brunet caulking is not easy to fade. Reasonable collocation of ceramic tile and ceramic tile gap filling agent, demand is not only the whole decorates a style, also let whole decorate a style to a major highlight more eye-catching. Learn more collocation method, the owner can also have a style of his own house color ceramic tile is tie-in.
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