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Ceramic tile with ceramic tile seam filling agent or filled seam an agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Ceramic tile with ceramic tile seam filling agent or filled seam an agent?

a, what is filled seam an agent?

and caulking agent called jointing agent, the main ingredient from predominantly white cement in polymer and trace agent and so on, are mainly used in ceramic tile aperture, avoid ceramic tile aperture black dirty, have very strong fouling resistance is easy to clean.

2, what is filled seam an agent?

caulking grout is made of macromolecule polymer, upgrade is filled seam an agent, also have the function of the waterproof anti fouling mouldproof, is also suitable for ceramic tile, stone material and vitreous brick veneer material to fill the gap.

3, what is the difference between gap filling agent and caulking gun?

is filled seam an agent after curing surface into glazed tile, oil anti-fouling ability is strong, easy cleaning; need professional cleaning agents to deal with. Of the many owners concerned about the problem is the price difference, filled seam an agent, the price is too high for average users are difficult to accept, and the construction price is also high; is higher cost performance, simple and convenient construction is cheaper.

to sum up, economic power, if the landlord advised to choose a caulking agent. as caulking agent upgrade products, colorful, rich in waterproof and oil proof, easy to clean and wash it more practical, you can completely change black ceramic tile aperture, and caulking gun does not have the characteristics of the above.

caulking grout not only practical but also has extremely high ornamental, compare with luster, color rich and exquisite natural, such as color caulking agent can bring more to metope and ground illuminative integral effect, also can be cleaned with ceramic tile, with resistance to penetration of waterproof properties. For ceramic tile is choose caulking agent or gap filling agent, small make up feel choose as far as possible under the condition of the economic ability can be filled seam an agent, functional and decorative are more prominent.

is filled seam an agent wuhan building material co. , LTD. The introduction of foreign advanced technology independent research and development of a suitable for Asian regional temperature of a high-tech ceramic tile aperture processing products, completely out of slag for caulking agent usually fall, water seepage, hidden problems of scale easy breeding ground for bacteria and materials imported from foreign materials and advanced production control, a construction can make your ceramic tile seam no longer dirty black, yi qing has self-cleaning sex, make ceramic tile seam caulking gun light, such as porcelain, seam and perfect collocation, ceramic tile ceramic tile more noble noble quality! Is a good brand of caulking.

that's small make up to summarize some related knowledge about ceramic tile gap filling, hope to have the certain reference, for more details, go to wuhan building material co. , LTD's website for more consultation!
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