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ceramic tiles - how to grout between your ceramic tiles

by:Kastar     2020-05-31
Grouting is a filling, and once you attach the tile to the surface, it enters the gap between the tiles.
This not only creates a charming look, but also prevents dust and dirt from gathering in cracks.
While grouting seems to be just a matter of simply filling in the cracks, I would like to share with you some tips that will make the work easier and look really great in the end. 1 -
Stir the tiles evenly
I tend to use ready-made mixed tile grout to speed up.
However, if you have to mix it yourself, I suggest you mix it in small quantities as this type of grouting device is very fast. 2 -
Press in place-
The next step is to press the grouting firmly in the gap between the tiles.
The tile professional will use a special scraper when doing this, but you can use a small sponge. 3 -
Clean up the excess.
Although grouting is still wet, wipe any excess part of the surface of the tile with a clean damp cloth or sponge.
It is best to clean as you move forward, because once the grouting is solidified, it is difficult to remove. 4 -Detailing -
To bring real professional effects to the grouting, I usually take a small pin or even run down each grouting line with a pen cover.
This re-sets the grout from the surface of the tile and makes it uniform to produce an amazing effect. 5 -Final Polish -
Make sure you screw up the newspaper with a clean cloth and let the mud dry and polish the entire area.
As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to use ready-made mud in order to save time.
You may want to use epoxy when you install bathroom tiles
Foundation grouting for waterproofing that needs to be mixed.
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