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Choose light color filled seam an agent, worry about change color?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Ceramic tile gap filling agent for color fastens at leisure, very popular among people. Light color is filled seam an agent is, however, that most caulking t want to use the but again afraid to use color. Because the color is more shallow light color caulking agent, ceramic tile has a black border on both sides, caulking effect will sell at a discount greatly. In addition, if caulking agent products in direct sunlight for a long time can cause yellowing premature, with light color fastens caulking agent is more obvious. Many owners do not know the situation, the thought is the product quality problem, will complain caulking master. And in order to prevent these problems happen, a lot of caulking teacher recommended in color, can avoid light color department, such as pure white, porcelain white, shiny silver, noble silver, etc. But the yellow light color fastens is really products quality problem? So today let caulking experts in scientific point of view, I help you solve the light color is filled seam an agent of misery. A, the principle of caulking agent color caulking agent is the basic material of epoxy resin, curing agent and paint, epoxy resin of natural yellowing cycle is decades or longer. As epoxy resin under the conditions of purification is colorless, transparent, and long-term exposure to direct sunlight epoxy resin and the reaction will accelerate yellowing of trace element in the air. In addition, if ceramic tile aperture and wet, the water vapor erosion, epoxy resin and evaporation into epoxy resin and the outside world, the residual impurities in the water vapor will remain in the epoxy resin, produce the phenomenon such as color change. Second, the cause of the discoloration, epoxy resin caulking agent unqualified high-purity epoxy resin should be clear and transparent liquid, if the purity is not high, itself is a pale yellow liquid, so make caulking will gradually yellowing in the short run. Unqualified, curing agent, curing agent is a key of caulking agent curing, if appear uneven proportion, quality is not qualified, and so on and so forth, will be a great influence on curing of caulking agent. With epoxy resin curing agent ratio, caulking agent products is likely to see local solidification phenomenon. If the quality of the curing agent is unqualified, caulking agent products will send out the smell of, not only can make the color caulking agent after curing, also endangers caulking division and the health of the owner. Unstable epoxy resin, curing environmental caulking agent before solidification is relatively weak, it needs to be in a relatively clean, dry environment can better cure. If the water vapor intrusion, appeared in the process of curing temperature mutations, etc. , will affect the caulking agent of curing speed and quality. In this case caulking of curing agent, its status is not too stable, nature also accelerates the pace of change color. Three, how to solve the caulking agent discoloration, choose quality qualified caulking agent product caulking agent discoloration of cycle length, depends on the quality of caulking agent products of raw materials is qualified. Caulking master when choosing caulking products, should try to choose to have qualification, brand reputation, good products. Qualified caulking that most products have color full color difference is small, high transparency, epoxy resin is opened only a little peculiar smell epoxy resin, etc. Construction environment, giving stable before caulking construction must clean up ceramic tile aperture, and fully dry processing, wet wet weather must be closed doors and Windows, appropriate do smoke wet processing, to ensure that the construction environment is relatively stable. Construction process, try full fill in caulking agent material, avoid air mixed in the gap filling agent, cause air bubble, the drum, color, etc. , to owner fully explained the maintenance gap filling before construction, must be the owner on the action principle of gap filling agent, and the influence of environment on the seam filling agent. The place such as direct sunlight for a long use light color is filled seam an agent will appear earlier yellowing phenomenon, to remind the owner or change color or install the curtain, etc. Caulking after construction, must to owner in detail caulking and maintenance of basic knowledge. Gap filling agent, for example, rear can trample finished 3rd, in furniture; Clean sanitation, please choose neuter cleaner, avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaner, avoid to use steel wire ball, scrub. Light color is filled seam an agent discoloration is indeed more upsetting, but as long as the gap filling master actively communicate with the landlord in advance, caulking caulking agent products using qualified careful construction, timely with the owner pays a return visit after after caulking, discoloration will easily solve the problems such as caulking agent, is no longer a problem.
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