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Commend grouting material manufacturer; Simple 4 steps of CGM high-strength grouting material Shear wall grouting material construction scheme

by:Kastar     2020-12-07
Grouting grouting material manufacturer commend type grouting material manufacturer in urumqi, grouting material model CGM high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material to reinforce industry as an important advocate material, the reinforcement strength is customer's decision to choose a key consideration. High strength grouting material has good artesian, rapid hardening, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro expansion; Nontoxic and harmless, not aging, on the water quality and the surrounding environment pollution-free, good tightness, rust etc. In construction has reliable quality, reduce cost, shorten the construction period and convenient use. The following five steps can help customers selected cost-effective grouting material; Method one: 'look' can you see? CGM high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material with special cement as the combination of the seam an agent, selected for aggregate high strength material, supplemented by high flow, micro expansion, made from materials such as anti segregation, when the choice to have a look at the aggregate level of thickness ( Usually when the choose and buy aggregate the fine quality of the better) Aggregate is one of the important factors in determining the quality of high strength grouting material. Method 2: professional inspection professional refers to the use of professional strength tester for CGM high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material detection, based on strength, to detect high strength grouting material of Mpa, building materials here to remind the customer to choose according to their actual situation of engineering, does not have to choose the highest intensity. Method 4: environmental protection certification at present, the execution of CGM high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material standard price GB/T50448 - zhengzhou grouting material manufacturer 2008, as the country of the standardization of the grouting material industry, enterprises must grouting material products inspection, qualified grouting material product will have a test report issued by a third party testing institutions, the customer can ask for to the businessman when buying, grouting material manufacturers generally attached to the grouting material inspection report, certification, operation instruction, etc. Five: the grouting materials selected CGM high-strength non-shrinkage grouting material also have a look at the packing, packaging and promotional materials do meticulous, prove that the strict management of the enterprise. Conform to the requirements of the grouting material packing should contain brand name, batch number, product especially cement-based grout material preparation technology points, all kinds of parameters, manufacturer information, production date, etc. , if the address is not complete, packaging and data is not clear, even such as typo low-level mistakes, such as grouting material manufacturer is when the choose and buy must choose carefully.
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