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confessions of a tile setter - bad grout

by:Kastar     2020-06-12
New and convenient materials to do different things to help homeowners.
When the shower is used frequently, mold and mildew start to appear in the area where the shower is wet and constantly changing.
Soap slag also helps to accumulate mold and mildew along the corners of the floor corner or above the edge of the bathtub.
The fight against mold and mildew has already started and you are starting to use chemical cleaners and washers to keep the grout clean.
This process will eventually pass through any filling that is placed in the grouting.
Now the mud begins to loosen, break and break.
More caulking agents are usually added, and it is common for the mold to develop under that caulking agent.
If the problem is not resolved quickly, the water will enter the backing from behind the tile, and your tile will fall off the backing before you know it.
Now you have a real problem.
The contractor will insist on removing all the tiles and replacing them with a waterproof medium to ensure their work.
Standard shower or tub-
Depending on the material, the cost of repairing the shower can easily reach $2000 or more.
When the mud is worn, the water enters the standard builder\'s green plate backing where the mold begins to grow.
The solution is to remove the tiles and re-grout.
This is much more difficult than people think.
It is difficult to clear the grouting and can easily cause tile debris or scratches.
So don\'t waste your hard work with inferior materials when you re-grout.
You will find some very convenient pre-
Mix grout at your local home center. Don\'t use it.
This thing is almost useless.
It will look good a few weeks before it starts to break out.
All the efforts made in digging the old mud were nothing more than a waste of time.
Get the real thing. Generally non-
Sand type grouting for standard 4x4 tiles in shower.
The problem with the shower today is that the building materials are rubbish.
Today\'s 4x4 W is not like yesterday\'s buildings and materials.
4x4 the tiles are thicker and the surface walls where the tiles are applied are concrete.
As the tile is thicker and the grouting is deeper, it is actually adhered to the concrete backing.
There is little chance of water intrusion in such buildings and materials.
Although it seems to be quick and easy to shoot some before
Mix the mud to the mud area that is missing or removed and do yourself a big favor to get the real thing.
You will end up with a better job and it will last longer.
You may want to consider a professional service to do it for you.
There are many things to consider when maintaining, installing and selecting tiles and stones for your home.
You can learn more on my blog and view photos.
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