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Correct caulking construction to operation is right?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Whether construction what product, or what material, its correct construction are very important, it affect the product, there are so many, affect the service life of it and its quality, it is caulking construction, so the correct caulking construction to operation is true? Let below small make up to answer for us.

1. Stop crack the reserve design of ceramic tile, common to set aside the ceramic tile of crack width 1 - demand 1 to 8 mm, deeply 2 mm, so the width of the seam an agent to use fill to fill after the effect will be more beautiful, strong and wide brick joints tick plane and effects, also compare with good control rendezvous size error is small.

2. Second, good location reserved good ceramic tile aperture, embedded in the ceramic tile seam with cross, this match can ensure uniform width, then I can start stop to fill the gap filling agent, after fill in the seams with LiuZi LiuPing compaction, let its depth in 0. 5 - 1. Five or so.

3. The gap filling agent, when completed, within the seam with dry concrete data, such as dry after appearing in the stop jointing construction dust clean up clean inside the ceramic tile with dishcloth.

to pay more attention to, in the beautiful wen paper torn off, must first after screeding off in time, not too long good off, or you will even caulking agent uprooted. Exports, on the other hand, played a materials with a toothpick or tape seal, this is to prevent caulking agent will overflow.
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