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Cracking to do ceramic tile, ceramic tile cracks treatment method

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Decorated in the home when there are many places use ceramic tile, time grows, had good ceramic tile suddenly cracks at home, this not only not beautiful, but also left a safe hidden trouble, and some of the ceramic tile cracks is also expanding, sometimes even fall off, so in ceramic tile cracks? What are the solution.

ceramic tile cracks treatment methods:

a few small cracks on the ceramic tile generally does not affect use, so in order to not these cracks in the black, become ugly, we need to deal with crack, as early as possible and add seam an agent to add buy professional ceramic tile seam, trouble and waste glass glue to add seam, technical and too strong. Actually can take toothpaste to repair these cracks, gently squeeze some toothpaste, toothpaste evenly in the cracks in her fingers. The surrounding redundant toothpaste with cloth or paper towel wipe gently. Wait for dry, you the ceramic tile of metope is as good as new. If ceramic tile is colorful, buy the corresponding color of toothpaste, or using gouache colour against the in white toothpaste, daub of ceramic tile aperture effect is the same good. Cracks and scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, white toothpaste can also be used to repair, daub a few times more, scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile was gone.
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