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Daily use of gap filling agent, whether they have what disadvantages are we

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent is a kind of used to fill the gap of the products, also known as true porcelain glue, true porcelain glue is currently on the market can be divided into water-based and oil-based two kinds. Will have different advantages and disadvantages of different products, like this everyday use gap filling agent, they are what we don't know what are the disadvantages?

the disadvantages of water-based caulking agent

water gap filling agent, also known as porcelain glue water, mainly in water as medium, can dissolve in water, before curing this is its advantages and disadvantages. Since the caulking agent properties of water-based is more active, as long as there is obvious gap in the stain, or humid, caulking agent will appear bubbles, don't do it, but will also reduce the adhesion of gap filling agent, easy to fall off.

the disadvantages of oily caulking agent

the outer layer of oily caulking agent mainly wrapped with oily substances, so clean up will be awkward, can not be wiped with water directly. When filled seam an agent to get the wooden items, knitted items, cleaning will be more effort. Stronger hardness and oily gap filling agent, met the ceramic tile aperture smaller, easy to influence the heat bilges cold shrink of ceramic tile, appear rupture.

true porcelain glue construction need to be aware of when

1, the gap to keep clean and dry environment, no dust and no stain, also has requirements for depth and breadth and depth of not less than 3 mm, width should be no less than 2 mm;

2, pay attention to the temperature change, caulking agent must be indoor temperature between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃ to construction, if the temperature is below 5 ℃, caulking agent is not easy to glue, and the longer the curing time will;

3, after construction, generally within 24 hours, do the caulking places can not trample, also cannot clean ceramic tile, according to the different brand of gap filling agent, also has certain difference,

4, construction must wear old clothes, wear gloves, in order to fill construction seam an agent not in the body, if time, be sure to clean inside in the first place, otherwise the caulking agent after dry very difficult.

caulking agent also have advantages and disadvantages, and there are all sorts of problems, as long as the quality pass, on products, their construction do caulking is quite simple.
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