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Decorate a few small details!

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
One, sealing of the balcony now learning more and more high, most owners would choose to seal the balcony to prevent some accident situation. But, seal the balcony will seal the balcony is not that simple. Many of the owners all know, the higher floors, the wind power will have the greater the above. Especially in the typhoon weather, strong winds may even the balcony glass broken. Therefore, in order to strong of the balcony, also good to indoor air circulation, seal the balcony, the owner should choose solid material to seal the balcony, and want to install some can open a small window in the balcony. Seal the balcony, should choose the broken bridge aluminum alloy material as the window frame. The broken bridge aluminum alloy cost are higher, but the factor of safety guaranteed. On the choice of glass, also should choose quality of a material is relatively thick toughened glass, the wind resistance, more safe. Second, the planning of toilet door model the restrictions, the area of the part of the owner of the toilet in the home is not big, it also led to the shower parts and daily wash gargle is restricted in the planning and decoration. In view of the limited area, the owner of reasonable allocation should be according to their own home, and then to decorating. Even if the area is small, also want to do wet depart inside toilet, namely must draw an area to the shower area. In order to let the water not overflow shower area, the owner can use the water retaining stone isolates shower area, you can also use the material such as glass, shower curtain in isolation. In addition, in order to let toilet doesn't look so crowded, also can consider to remove the part of the standard toilet toilet. Such as sink, washing machines, water heaters such covers an area of relatively large furniture appliances, also can put in other areas, also easy to use. Three, 'carefully' kitchen and toilet and called in one of two important space of the quality of life. Kitchen can assist the owner cooking all kinds of delicious food, let the family get together to eat become the owner of the part of the life of memory. Therefore, unreasonable tools are put to fit inside the kitchen, what are the electrical appliances furniture is necessary, is the owner of the need to be taken into account. About the kitchen overall planning, regardless of the shape, the kitchen is let owner one-stop complete ingredients, the ingredients, food ingredients, plate food cooking process, and the middle don't have to walk over and over again planning is more reasonable. In general, it is need according to owner's habit to plan the location of all kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances, household appliances. Ambry, the height of the counter to the average height of according to owner's home, cook to determine the size of height. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kitchen small home appliance, in order to improve the efficiency of the owners' cooking, such as family type oven, the air fryer, etc. For the owners have cooking hobbies, they are natural cooking show's right-hand man. The dishwasher this kind of home appliance, kitchen is hands free of science and technology invention, whether it's hard to cook of the owner, or compare lazy owner, can greatly reduce the time they do the housework, let owner to have more spare time with his family, feel the life. Four, trendy caulking decorative gap filling for the owner, the word may not be unfamiliar. As in the last few years popular adornment is decorated, caulking has gradually take root in each place, formed a caulking fashion. The color of caulking grout a lot, with the owner of the selected either decorate a style is tie-in, make ceramic tile with caulking chic adornment effect. But the caulking is more than just look so simple, it also has a key role in other areas. For this kind of kitchen, toilet water damage is more, the stain more area, ceramic tile aperture stain by years of accumulation, will soon be dark mildewy, even unpleasant odor. But with the ceramic tile gap filling, firmly on both sides of the adsorption on ceramic tile, it can prevent the caulking fall off, have a lasting adornment effect. Surface hard and tough as neri and rich features, and can effectively prevent these stains stain adsorption, to prevent the bacteria, mold, keep ceramic tile aperture and bright as new. Caulking, not just decorating the house owner, but also protect the health of the owner of a. About the knowledge can be far more than these, that decorate owner in planning when the family is decorated, must listen to the opinions of the predecessors' more, the appropriate discard some flashy decorate, leaving more higher availability of decoration. When decorate, also want to polish eyes, select qualified qualified decoration companies, their experience and strength, also can understand owner need decoration effect. It has established joint sealant caulking grout of ceramic tile of brand of market experience, caulking products cover true porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, water beauty and treasure to four categories, for all kinds of decoration material gap gap filling. At the same time, caulking products have nearly 20 kinds of caulking commonly used color, choice for the owners to provide more variety. In addition, caulking also have gap filling of the professional team, professional construction to have the confidence to make caulking owner a highlight of home decoration.
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