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Decorate don't fill do ceramic tile seam, popular substitute it for now

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
After a lot of people in the shop, ceramic tile, can adopt the method of caulking. Also not only have the main function of caulking adornment, it also protect the ceramic tile. After so many people in the shop, ceramic tile, the next step will adopt the method of caulking. Caulking, and want to do first is used to fill the seam an agent, it also has a caulking agent name called ceramic tile filling agent. And with ceramic tile filling agent, is also a more traditional usage. A teacher told me, now home tiling, also can need not use caulking agent & hellip; …

the master said, caulking is a kind of more traditional caulking material. When use it after caulking, will find that the appearance of the ceramic tile more beautiful and atmosphere. With the passage of time, also won't appear the phenomenon of split tile, can effective protection to the ceramic tile. And this gap filling agent is very wear-resisting, no matter how long the time passed, it can be preserved perfectly. And in a wide range of the color of it is, no matter what color of ceramic tile is in the home, can have filled seam an agent to match it.

the master continued: now appeared on the market a kind of material can replace caulking agent. It is porcelain seam an agent, and use it to do caulking, produced by the ceramic tile and the effect of gap filling agent is almost the same. One thing is: the porcelain after seam an agent, we in clean ceramic tile, it may be a little easier.

is filled seam an agent, and the function and effect of porcelain seam an agent is similar. But went up from price and beautiful, there are many different. Caulking agent price will be cheaper, but the price of porcelain seam an agent may be a little bit expensive. In colors on the distinction: the caulking agent agent made a bit more white color, and finish out a bit more smooth appearance. And porcelain seam an agent to the color is more dark. But overall, the porcelain seam an agent, the effect will be better.

I said on the difference between the function, the difference of caulking agent and porcelain seam an agent is not very big. But to see from the aspects of price and color, or has a certain difference. When choosing so everybody, can according to own actual situation and the interest interest to do choose, suits own is the best. In choosing a caulking agent or porcelain seam an agent, also want to choose the spectrum of the brand, so you can ensure that the beautiful sex of ceramic tile and practicality.
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