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Decorating a process to produce harmful substances have?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Many people's dream is to have a decorate a style to fit their, space and bigger house. So in the new house decoration, many of the owners are also hands-on, try to do my best. However, the influence of the decoration materials, lightly in decorating a residue after some harmful substances. And in addition to formaldehyde, in decorating a volatile period also can produce other harmful substances. Benzene, benzene at room temperature for a colorless transparent liquid, has a sweet taste, and has strong fragrant scent. Benzene flammable, toxic, is also a kind of carcinogenic substance. Main source of benzene and various kinds of coatings, wood coatings, adhesives, organic solvents. In the ceramic tile of unqualified caulking agent products, there will be a benzene residues. Benzene can cause damage to the skin, and upper respiratory tract, long-term inhalation benzene can cause aplastic anemia. Women long-term inhalation of benzene can lead to abnormal menstruation, pregnant women in benzene can cause fetal congenital defect. TVOCTVOC, that is, total volatile organic compounds. TVOC is affect indoor air quality impact a more serious pollution, a major source of paint, coatings, adhesives and so on. TVOC can cause the body immunity imbalance, affects the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, chest tightness, etc self-conscious symptom. May also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, serious when can damage the liver and hematopoietic system. At the same time, pregnant women, children and office workers, the elderly, people with respiratory or heart disease are most vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Radon radon is a radioactive inert gases, soluble in water, has a strong radioactive. Main source radon slag brick, slag brick building materials (such as Usually contain different degree of radium) And the uranium high indoor decorative materials, such as granite and ceramic tile, sanitary ware, etc. Because of radon and the body fat has a high affinity, so it can in adipose tissue and nerve system, reticuloendothelial system and widely distributed in the blood, and cause damage to cells, eventually trigger cancer. Radon is a kind of genetic damage to harmful substances, it will be because the cells of our bodies machine qualitative damage potential damage to their children or even third generation. Decorate the contaminants, although cannot avoid completely, but also to be able to pollution control in minimum range. Ceramic tile seam filling agent here suggest broad owner, when buying decorate material, must go to large regular stores or stores of choose and buy, and be sure to pay attention to whether the product is genuine, whether it is environmental protection material. In after decorating, must let a new ventilation more than three months and then check in, if there is a old man, children, pregnant women, ventilation is recommended. After the completion of bridal chamber is decorated, also can be in the room place money plant, the tiger orchid, bracketplant, such as green plants, can absorb some harmful substances, reduce the pollution of the decoration. Decorate in the bridal chamber is generally used only after the ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, if you don't choose the ceramic tile of qualified caulking agent products, ceramic tile volatilization of caulking agent products of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal will also threaten the health of the owner and his family. And the quality of products qualified ceramic tile gap filling agent, mostly has the following advantages. , little smell: ceramic tile seam filling agent products in process, will have the flavour of the plastic items, no smell of products is also problematic. So, the quality of qualified products, ceramic tile gap filling agent has a smell, but there will be no irritating smell. Moderate, curing time, caulking agent products general curing time for hours, with the change of temperature and humidity will extend or shorten the time. In general, the finish of caulking agent on the second day will be able to wipe out the remaining material. And quick-drying of ceramic tile on the market gap filling agent products, mostly to add the harmful material such as nonyl phenol. , colour and lustre beautiful: the color of the ceramic tile seam filling agent products, presented with toner, toner, such as pearl powder, golden onion powder color is, not only the reflection of the optical fiber is also very gentle, has the good transparency. Color is beautiful is also a method of judging product quality the most visible to the naked eye. Hardness, high hardness, caulking products is not as hard as possible, for it is filled seam an agent and ceramic tile aperture glue, when ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink will also play a protective role. So ceramic tile seam filling agent in addition to high hardness, but also need high flexibility, hardness and flexibility strong product is good caulking. , yellowing resistance, and ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling agent, is the need to keep a stable state of decoration materials. Besides the sunlit areas for a long time, good quality ceramic tile gap filling products, as long as there is no strong acid alkali cleaner, most can keep its original color. Aging, anti-aging, caulking agent products, will affect the ceramic tile, so the caulking agent besides long beautiful beautiful color, also need to maintain its flexibility and hardness for a long time. A good product in a dry, can keep smooth surface, such as porcelain, hard wear-resisting properties. Ceramic tile seam filling agent products focus on the development of green environmental protection building materials, ceramic tile seam filling agent use environmental protection material, after years of research and development, its ceramic tile gap filling agent products through the national many authoritative organizations examination. The RoHS four ( Detection of heavy metals) GB - Water-based type tests indicate, ceramic tile seam filling agent products do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal, it is your experience of green home outfit.
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