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Do caulking should leave much gap?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
There are often the owner will ask us, my house is about to tile, behind to do caulking, ceramic tile aperture, please leave a much more appropriate? Today ceramic tile ceramic tile aperture caulking agent small make up just to tell you about what leave! Archaize brick seam caulking like to leave? Gap if your stay is archaize brick, under normal circumstances, I recommend you to the ground of archaize brick leave a mm aperture, metope of archaize brick leave a mm aperture, such beautiful caulking to best effect. All glazed ceramic tile seam caulking leave? If your home is glazed ceramic brick, bo changes a brick or microcrystalline brick, then I suggest you leave a gap of a mm on the ground, metope of this gap left. A millimeter, such gaps do best. The living room large ceramic tile seam is how many? Big brick small crack, small brick big seam. Normal * * brick, it is recommended that you leave. mm - Mm gap can,, it is better if you advise mm above * * * * * if this similar small brick, such as advice - mm Mm between the best effect!
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