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Do caulking should pay attention to?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Have you ever envy other people's home, feel is very good-looking? Only if you picked the factors behind the beautiful? In fact, in addition to the soft outfit should match well, hard material selection is the key. Especially those who are most likely to be you ignore, often is the punchline. How many people are there in small aperture, value? By stepping on your feet every day, have you ever thought about the past to change it is dressed up, make it looks more beautiful, more attractive? Today, as we talk about those things behind the caulking. 。 Caulking said to basic condition to demand higher, caulking, who we are caulking to? Ceramic tile. So, caulking grout and ceramic tile is tie-in, ceramic tile is the foundation of caulking. Ceramic tile to choose wrong, or don't understand, caulking to effect may not be better. After all, different types of ceramic tile, aperture reserve size is different; Ceramic tile is made of different materials, different caulking construction steps. This is one of them. Second, the ceramic tile shop sticks is not good, also will affect the construction effect of caulking. Some say, ceramic tile shop sticks caulking after hours. Wrong! Caulking should be the best time of the air basks in about a week after the shop is stuck, ceramic tile aperture can thoroughly dry caulking. If encounter a rainy day, the drying time and delay at a later time. 。 Caulking to fill the seam construction demanding why teacher this profession, a lot of people in order to earn huge profits, the light will thousands of construction costs, if so? First of all, what is the gap filling division? Specially engaged in the work of caulking talent called caulking, those who do part-time caulking cannot call caulking. Caulking division again gap filling operation, and improve their skills, just to give customers make the best effect of caulking. Owners have their own work at ordinary times, if their caulking, takes time and effort of related knowledge in advance, and then set out to do, but, after all, did not practice to effect not necessarily skilled master of caulking. So do caulking, the best way of construction or professional caulking teacher to perform. 。 Caulking high requirements for material we talked about the second point, to gap filling effect is good, choose the professional construction team to ensure effectiveness. General professional construction team has its own cooperation factory, the gap filling master batch for a long time to take the goods, caulking product quality must be guaranteed, the wholesale also save the cost, give the customer price nature also benefits. At the same time, the gap filling master also can choose according to the customer's consumption level of different price gap filling products, not only ensure the effect to be made, and maximize to save money for our customers. Recently, when jay join the caulking launched model, large amount of preferential, quota reward, for caulking division to reduce costs, more they provided a platform for personal growth, strong yourself, help them to better service for our customers! 。 Do caulking, more to understand collocation in good products only through the proper collocation and construction method, can play the best effect. Caulking collocation rule, brunet with light color is tie-in. For example, black and white, deep and shallow, deep green and light grey, etc. , similar color collocation. For example: yellow and green, red and purple and red and orange, orange, and yellow, etc. And the same color collocation. For example: pale yellow with deep yellow, black and gray, etc. , cool color and warm color is tie-in. Changes in temperature relationship is depend on the contrast of color, produced by man's natural life experience. And promise the collocation of color and warm color. Black, white, gold, silver, gray, referred to as the infinite color, they can match with any color. The collocation, contrasting colors. For example, red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white. Ceramic tile seam filling grout products the choice of the color also want and bedroom style bring out the best in each other, at the same time and the unified household color photograph, a bedroom, if too much color is chaotic, heavy and complicated is more easily. 。 Caulking detail processing is the key to the success or failure, the details of the seam filling process is particularly important, pay attention to the floor and metope of the line that play a base, or ceiling and metope, the linkage between the sink and ceramic tile, etc. These seemingly insignificant details, these details if you draw the outline of the attentively, you will find that the original it can also be a kind of beautiful scenery. Attention to detail is also want to consider the use of different caulking product range, use object, use skill, the difference between often a pay attention to detail, can achieve the result that expect is less than. True porcelain used on archaize brick, must put crepe paper or wax; Epoxy caulking is specially used for seam width and irregular cracks; Beauty and treasure is specially used for all kinds of edge sealing side beautification, such as the joint of the toilet and the ground, the joint of the wallpaper and the line that play a base, the joint of window and window, etc. Now more and more people pay attention to detail, the pursuit of quality of life, a black seam can't endure. Select normal manufacturer of products, looking for professional construction team, pay attention to color collocation and details, you can also have 'other people's house of caulking.
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