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Do caulking silly money! Is this really the case?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
The list goes on. Why is there such a statement? In the end is they didn't realize the benefits of caulking, denies the value of caulking directly. In fact, as a caulking division, oneself in the process of finding, also will encounter such owner, encountered a similar situation, how to deal with it? You should tell your customer the value of caulking! Beautiful ceramic tile looks clean and bright clean, always thought that the home is very clean, actually otherwise. Ceramic tile is the seam when the shop is stuck, - Mm small aperture, daily cleaning is not too realistic, accumulate over a long period of dust, coupled with the invasion of water damage, ceramic tile aperture will become black. Cracks were black, natural affect beautiful. Do the caulking, avoids the problem of black ceramic tile. Caulking agent after solidification will form a smooth and clean surface such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent oil, anti-fouling, has excellent self-cleaning sex, shelter evil people and practices easily, easy to clean, wipe clean. Health gaps in the black actually hides too much bacteria in invisible to the naked eye, taste is heavier, the higher bacteria. Smell so sometimes aperture of serious odor, is performed in a wide range of bacteria. Especially in summer, the high temperature more can stimulate the lesions of bacteria. Germs spread into the air, and then from the air into the body, thus affects the safety of the family's life, 'you'! Selected for caulking agent has the environmental protection, the material is very health and safety, does not have a harm to human body. This argument persuasive is not strong, after all, environmental protection or not, the naked eye cannot see. The best way is to products inspection certificate to your customers. The inspection certificate must be print, sometimes you say again much, is nothing like a report more convincing. Art over the past few ceramic tile style, pure color gives priority to body brick, social progress, people's eyes up, high requirements for beautiful things, so the artistic beauty of ceramic tile dug by people. Even the brick style was focused on mining of ceramic tile. In order to match the artistic beauty of ceramic tile, small aperture to the attention of the people. The color of caulking agent is various, can match with the ceramic tile of different texture but different colours, sew gorgeous ceramic tile and ceramic tile, enhance the aesthetic feeling of the wall, make whole metope or there will be no gap between incongruous shadows on the ground, the home installs the icing on the cake. Protection although some ceramic tile has a strong waterproof performance, but do not have the performance of ceramic tile aperture, which USES the gap filling agent, can only very short waterproof effect. Caulking agent slowly eroded by water, water stains will eventually permeate to the bottom, and infiltrated ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of life will have a certain impact. Gap filling agent, with good adhesive power, and strong seepage, crack resistance function, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of water molecules or stone on the back of the ceramic tile, protect the function of building materials product life. Some say, ceramic tile is in order to prevent ceramic tile seam is due to the heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon such as fall off, craze, deformation, cracks are filled, caulking, ceramic tile the expansion? Actually, caulking agent has strong flexibility, can adapt to the ceramic tile is shifted by heat bilges cold shrink, will not lead to deformation of ceramic tile, fall off wait for a phenomenon, and extending the service life of ceramic tile. Face this benefit is likely to be the weakest of all the benefits of a, a lot of people won't care about this. For a good face, often with relatives and friends, a string of caulking is very important. Caulking well done, the ceramic tile aperture be good-looking, others praise to you, it sounds not very happy because he thought in your heart? Grade have pursuit is a kind of trend, and many times you pay attention to dress appropriately, pay attention to inner being, is to reflect you as a grade. Perhaps, you will also home decoration is very perfect, at least very accord with your identity. Detail decides success or failure, if the aperture processing is not good, is enough to destroy all of your image. Imagine the beautiful love family, aperture is black, let a person? So, the benefits of caulking originally there are so many. Customers do not understand the meaning of caulking, key or not experienced caulking, don't know the real effect of caulking. So the first thing to let customer understand the caulking of good, so the next step to promote customer do caulking will become easier.
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