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Do caulking what other should pay attention to the basic common sense

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
If it were not for the home to decorate, I don't know what else do we need to do ceramic tile aperture gap filling, at the time of ceramic tile, I once called seamless brick, tile teacher help me now think fortunately, at that time, the teacher stopped me. Later learned that the ceramic tile aperture is not only to ensure heat bilges cold shrink, but also for subsequent do caulking is more convenient. In addition to leave a gap, do caulking what other should pay attention to the basic common sense, to look at.

1, caulking, have higher cost of construction

many owners to save trouble, will please professional chefs construction. Caulking, however, does not belong to decorate a company to work, need another teacher, please also quote. Caulking can charge fees in accordance with the construction area, also can according to the length of construction cost, relative to other decoration, please people caulking construction cost will be on the high side, hope the owner ahead of budget.

2, gap needs certain depth and width of the

must have the depth and width of ceramic tile aperture can do caulking, seamless shop sticks ceramic tile, the gap is too small, or even not enough tile heat bilges cold shrink, so when ceramic tile to be sure to set aside a certain width. In general, the depth of need in more than 3 mm, width to 1. We can only make a gap filling more than 5 mm. Do you want to be if home caulking, must consult with tile teacher in advance.

3, requirements for the construction of environment and weather have a

caulking agent has certain requirements to the construction of the environment, gap need to keep clean and dry, also cannot use swab MingShui ground during solidification. And in rainy weather, to prevent drip to rain, and cure time will be affected by temperature. So, caulking agent need construction under the sunny weather, while avoiding exposure to the sun.

4, caulking agent front-end colloid can not use the

bottled caulking agent at the time of use need to press the rubber hose, caulking agent in rubber hose automatic mixing, but the front end of 40 cm colloid is not want, because these no mixing, and even play in the gap can not cure. But there is also a consumer, a bottle of caulking agent just how many, and played 40 cm bottle? Here refers to is hit the hose length of 40 cm, a total of a few grams left and right sides, does not affect the usage.
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