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do-it-yourself : tile gets new crease on life with grout, caulk

by:Kastar     2020-05-31
Re-Grouting and re
It is relatively easy to fill in the tiles above the bathtub and internal shower, the price is cheap, only basic household tools are needed.
Here are some tips to make the work go smoothly.
There are various forms of grouting, from small pre-mix pipes handling the repair work to dry powder grouting for large projects.
While small pre-mixed packages have simple appeal, they are not always the best option.
Usually, even if the color is white, they are difficult to match perfectly with the existing grout color.
Dry pulp is easy to mix in volume and can be used with additives that delay drying.
They can also be colored precisely to match existing colors or to create new ones.
If you choose a dry mixture, buy one to 3 pounds to make sure it\'s dry
Slow additives.
This is not the place to save material and the additives will help to ensure stronger grouting.
First, pour about two cups of mud into a small bucket.
A small amount of additive is then poured into the mud and mixed with the paint-stirring stick.
You need to experiment, but the final product should have consistency of toothpaste.
Use a rubber float to lay the grout on the tile.
Sweep the floating body in several directions to ensure that the grouting is forced into the seam.
Finally, use the float as a scraper to skim the excess part from the tile as much as possible.
Then wipe the remaining grout from the tile with a damp cloth and rinse the cloth with water regularly until the surface is relatively clean.
Finally, wrap the cloth over your fingers and smooth the joints separately.
Do so much and let the mud set for 15 minutes or until the residue on the tile turns to Powder White.
Then buffer the whole surface with a soft and dry cloth until it is completely clean.
With the use of drying
Adding a moderator to the grouting, the drying time will be greatly extended, so wet curing is not absolutely necessary.
Even so, the longer the drying time, the stronger the curing effect.
If you choose a wet curing grouting, attach a piece of plastic to the wall with tape so that it can easily hang on the tile.
Then use a spray bottle filled with water to fog the tiles several times a day for a day or two to slow down the drying process and get a stronger grouting effect.
When choosing caulk, you will find two types: Silicone or latex for bathtubs and tiles.
Although the latex variety is easier to use, it is far less elastic than silicone.
Since caulk needs to absorb the natural bending of the floor and walls without breaking, silicone is a better choice.
Here are some of the basic guidelines when using silicone caulking: * do not apply more than you absolutely need to fill the joints, or apply more than you can smooth before becoming tacky
Usually no more than two-to three-foot bead).
* Cut the minimum opening of the tip of the applicator, and while applying uniform pressure on the gun handle, run the pipe tip along the seam in an even, sloping path.
* To smooth the caulking, draw a finger gently along the beads so that the caulking can be arched at a relative angle to the wall at about 45 degrees.
It\'s important to touch gently. -
Do not press hard, otherwise caulk will be pressed on either side of your finger.
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