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Do what's the use of ceramic tile seam filling agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
With caulking industry increasingly developed, people accept caulking in muddled ground at the same time, inevitably there are a lot of eyebrows not solve in the heart, 'why have to seam is tile? What's the use of 'caulking agent? 'And so on similar problem bothering you, read the following article believe you, will take a tumble. Why when it sticks ceramic tile seam? Ceramic tile shop sticks to leave a gap, it is well known, but it is what reason? The concrete should have the following:, heat bilges cold shrink, cause cracking after ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile, need some time to dry it. At this time 'hanging', one is the cement, 2 it is ceramic tile in the water. In the process of dry, ceramic tile a little deformation will happen. And the lower the cement mark is lower, the density of ceramic tile, the more severe deformation. If the tile is closely spliced together, will therefore empty drum ceramic tile even cracking. Workers in the construction, to prevent the construction error, due to uneven ground cement, ceramic tile placed askew, and so on and so forth, will cause the ceramic tile slightly distorted. Ceramic tile is in the process of cutting, there is no guarantee that each piece of ceramic tile edge is straight, the length of each side are all the same. There may be error, ceramic tile size even with a batch of ceramic tile, also cannot avoid the small size of the difference, such as length, straight Angle, simply does not exist the difference in size of ceramic tile is not there. No seams prone to the seams uneven when ceramic tile shop is stuck, affect beautiful; , maintenance easy to change later in the process of the ceramic tile shop sticks before using, to avoid damage for pipeline maintenance reason to change, if after the shop is stuck, seam change more easily. Breakage or crack or ceramic tile, ceramic tile below the pipes. Just leave a gap between ceramic tile, the old ceramic tile will be removed very easily, at the same time the new ceramic tile on the shop. But if there is no gap between ceramic tile, can at the same time of dismantling the old ceramic tile, ceramic tile damage close to it. So, ceramic tile seam or very be necessary. But after the seam and must find a way to fill gaps in dirt or debris will help you to fill it, not only not beautiful, odor and bacteria also can affect people's health. Ceramic tile shop is stuck not sew, it seems, is not realistic, so will begin caulking, your knowledge and understanding of caulking how much? Why do you want to do caulking? , beautiful and beautify the whole effect of ceramic tile shop is stuck, make every piece of brick of more harmonious, adornment effect is particularly strong after ceramic tile gap filling. Its color is rich, natural and exquisite, have burnish, with different color of ceramic tile is tie-in, can bring home a better decorative effect as a whole. Caulking, practical if not do black ceramic tile aperture is easy to become dirty, bacterium, and use the caulking agent after all these problems can be avoided; But also more convenient cleaning a lot; Good caulking agent can also have waterproof effect, make ceramic tile in the water will not seep into the ground or on metope, durable after ceramic tile gap filling, has the property of waterproof, moistureproof, prevent infiltration. And caulking agent can guarantee a long time do not fade, also won't dirty, its surface is easy to clean off the dust. , environmental protection of caulking caulking non-toxic harmless products not only itself, but also can effectively prevent the bacteria after using generating, can make you beautiful house more warmth, more comfortable, make you and your family life more healthy, more environmentally friendly.
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