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Do you know caulking what's the best time to do?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Now everyone in the pursuit of high-quality life, home market is also very hot. With modern aesthetic has increased, more and more people with the higher request to the family. From ceramic tile to real wood floor, this is in the pursuit of quality. Caulking agent in recent years has become an essential part of each owner home outfit. Caulking ceramic tile after construction is an important step, it well to avoid the ceramic tile aperture produce mildew, bacteria and other living environment of the phenomenon, also can increase the service life of the ceramic tile, then when do caulking is the most correct? Let the caulking small make up to do some solutions for you. Generally do ceramic tile gap filling time is a must in ceramic tile stick after a certain period of time just can be carried out, the specific time need to see ceramic tile adhesive is dry, should wait for after its are fully dry for caulking construction, otherwise the ceramic tile is easy to appear empty drum phenomenon, caulking agent will therefore be affected with damp be affected with damp, influence gap filling effect, even appear white, fall off wait for a circumstance, still need to redo the treatment when necessary. If it is to do the functional areas of toilet and kitchen ceramic tile gap filling, metope installed cabinets need to be taken into account, and gear rack and so on. If after the installation of construction, will increase the difficulty, and make joint will look not beautiful, so I need before installing the ceiling or ambry caulking will do a good job first. Treat these area sitting room, balcony, metope USES is decorated commonly emulsioni paint or wall paper, the construction will produce a lot of decorate a garbage, cleaning is difficult, so stay after the completion of these jobs do caulking construction is more sensible. Indoor, generally speaking, there are the goods such as furniture, caulking also need to put these things before moving the rear can undertake all aspects of the work, this will increase the difficulty of the caulking construction, so it's best to choose the furniture before moving into caulking construction. When construction, such as carpentry, painters, produces a large amount of dust and rubbish, so caulking construction is best done after the process, to avoid affecting your gap filling effect.
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