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Domestic outfit chose archaize brick, color caulking agent how should choose?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
In all kinds of ceramic tile products for indoor and outdoor space decoration, people more and more like the pursuit of matte do not stimulate products. And archaize brick, is adapt to the needs of people visual comfort, therefore archaize brick products are mostly presents the characteristics of the inferior smooth type. Particularly suited to the city, rush about a day in the outside, return to home park, archaize brick to decorate can bring you admire in the heart is quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet. Archaize brick belongs to the ordinary ceramic tile, and ceramic tile basic is the same, the only difference is in the process of firing, archaize brick imitation style do old processing before, is essentially glazed porcelain tiles, classical with unique charm attracts the attention of the people, to reflect the years vicissitudes of life, the massiness of history. Archaize brick by style, color, design, build a nostalgic atmosphere, look very elegant. Archaize brick is evolved from CaiYouZhuan, should call effect of archaize ceramic tile, archaize brick is not difficult to clean. Because of above reasons, the audience for the archaize brick or more. Classic feelings in living in adornment is powerful with at any time, provides the popular archaize brick market development foundation. In order to highlight the cultural atmosphere of the bedroom, to promote the class household decorates, now many families are decorating the house, will choose this kind of archaize brick tiles. Archaize brick is typically brick joints. Caulking agent was developed with the development of the ceramic tile products. Then choose archaize brick after, some owners friend will struggle, the slants the floor tile of classical should use what kind of caulking agent products? Small make up today to share of caulking agent caulking agent construction case, is about caulking agent in the application effect of archaize brick. Ceramic tile to do caulking, in addition to filling ceramic tile gap left by the construction time. Also can effectively prevent the black brick joints, mold, household environment. At the same time also is bad for health. In addition, caulking agent can merely filling effect, still can make ceramic tile brick seam looks more beautiful and more delicate. Ceramic tile seam filling agent color more. A bright white, ivory white, noble metal, and so on. So choose what color of caulking agent to match archaize brick, is a lot of the owner of the problem. Today the small make up of ceramic tile gap filling agent share the collocation of two archaize brick and caulking agent. 。 This kind of ceramic tile is bright white collocation of caulking agent. Pale gold color caulking agent choose not too abrupt. Now the color of caulking agent were carried out in accordance with the ceramic tile color design production. Such collocation have qualitative feeling very?
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