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Don't come in to have a look, is expected to buy the fake caulking agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Before construction, smell smell smell good caulking agent is very weak, the poor quality of caulking agent use inferior raw material, there are unpleasant or pungent smell. , shaking lift caulking agent to shake, and no voice is good quality gap filling agent, a voice shook, insufficient packing instructions caulking agent or viscosity is lower. If you can't judging by appearance can not correctly authenticity, then look at the effect of the construction. Construction of caulking agent viscosity fit, not easy to erase, illustrates construction performance is good. Good caulking agent is strict in conformity with the national standards, suitable viscosity, bond is outstanding, after construction will not appear fall off phenomenon. After construction, covering power dry solid shrinkage is too obvious, can good basic caulking agent after curing and ceramic tile. Strong toughness let it can automatically adapt to ceramic tile, don't worry about time is long, ceramic tile craze, and so on and so forth; And inferior product is due to the use of low, raw material is placed after a period of time is extremely easy to crack. , good gloss caulking agent table touch smooth, feel is smooth; Instead of inferior caulking agent table touch dim and dull, rough surface. Take a piece of paper or cloth, friction resistance, on the table and touched at random is wiped a few times, high quality of caulking agent usually has a good performance of friction resistance, scratch resistance.
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