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Dry caulking agent how to clear, this method is worth collecting

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent in the construction of the matters need to pay attention to when, after construction also be patient with any excess gap filling agent. Then the caulking agent how to dispose of them? Dry filled seam an agent and how to remove?

when doing the caulking there are two different caulking agent can choose, one kind is oil filled seam an agent, is a kind of water-based caulking agent. In dealing with gap filling agent, in general, water is more convenient, because it can directly before dry wash away with water, and oil. But these two kinds of caulking agent after dried, the processing method is more troublesome. How to remove dry gap filling agent, can be divided into the several ways:

a gap dry, clean of caulking agent

aperture is completely dry curing gap filling agent, very hard, want to clean up, first of all, with a heat gun will caulking agent to soft, then use the caulking knife or hard pen knife, blowing the gap of caulking agent, be careful not to hurt ceramic tile.

2, clean up the glue on the ceramic tile of caulking agent

1. Accidentally drops on the ceramic tile of fill construction seam an agent,, or no clean gap filling agent, can use glue solution. Spray the glue solution on curing filled seam an agent, and then you can wipe gently.

2. Lots of caulking agent residue on the ceramic tile, if it is smooth surface, can be directly with plastic shovel shovel. If it is a rough surface, you can use the hot air gun, will fill in blow soft seam an agent, and then to wipe clean.

3, clean up in the hands of caulking agent

1. Put his hand on the water soak for half an hour, and then with the brush or sandpaper clean up slowly, with cleaner. Handle up slowly, after a long time can completely clear;

2. Use alcohol to decompose of gap filling agent, can also with diluted vinegar, slowly to clean.

4, clean up the stick on clothes of caulking agent

the caulking agent on the clothes is very difficult to clean, can use a sandpaper grind slowly, but such damage to the clothes is very large. If you don't mind can continue to wear, if the mind, can be directly throw it away.

at the time of construction must pay attention to the construction item, try to avoid rework caulking agent. Using caulking should also be careful, put on your old clothes, put on the gloves, avoid to get. If you need to clean up gap filling agent, as far as possible in the first place, under the condition of caulking agent haven't dry cleaning, because the longer the time, clear the gap filling agent, the more trouble.
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