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by:Kastar     2020-05-29
This is due to the fact that water will pass through such cracks, which will destroy the adhesive base and even erode the ground floor or wall.Therefore, in order to maintain the good shape of the tile, it is important to repair the tile grouting.How to repair tile grouting?Before you start this home improvement project for tile grouting repair, make sure you are equipped with the right grouting removal tools and materials.You need: hand grouting saw, old paint brush, tile grouting, grouting float, spray bottle, a large piece of sponge and rag.You should wear suitable equipment such as gloves, goggles and masks to protect yourself from dirt and debris from mud.The steps below for tile patching are given.Step 1: The first step in grouting repair is to carefully check the crackedgrout to find the severity of the damage.If the grouting has the feeling of a sponge, apply a slight pressure to the grouting, which means that the crack is deeper.If the grouting is firm, then there is just a line crack.Step #2: pick up the manual grouting saw and use it to break the loose and damaged parts of the grouting.This task should be done with great care so that the tiles do not fall off, break or fall off.Then clean up all the grout blocks and powder grout in the area with a vacuum cleaner.To make the newly formed hole completely dust free, use the old paint brush.So you can make sure there is a good combination between the new grout and the tiles.Read more about how to remove the tile grouting.Step 3: Step 3 includes the preparation of tile grouting.You should select the grouting color that matches the existing grouting.If the tone changes slightly then you can adjust it with water.For example, if you need a brighter color, then add some extra water while mixing the mud, when you need a darker color and then a useless water.Read the manufacturer\'s instructions carefully and mix the mud according to the instructions.Step 4: Now, it\'s time to apply the grouting to the empty grouting line.Take some mud mixture on the mud float and put it into the seam.For this purpose, you should keep floating at an angle of 45 degrees.This will prevent the mud from falling on adjacent tiles.Apply mud properly at the seams in order to form a uniform layer.Once the gap is fully filled, smooth the grout line with your fingers or with the help of round pins.Read more about how to grout the tiles.Step 5: after applying the mud, keep it unchanged for about half an hour, then you should remove all the extra mud from the surface of the tile.For this, take a sponge and wet it in such a way that it does not have any excess water.Then gently touch it and wipe off the mud.Make sure that the grouting from the repair seam does not come out when cleaning the tile grouting.Now, at least for the next 48 hours, you have to remain unaffected so that the applied mud can be completely cured.Step 6: Two days later, when you check the repaired area, you will find a hazy Grout residue left on the tile.To clean up, take a dry rag and rub in cloudy smoke, you will see the polished look of the tiles.Finally, seal the dry mud with a mud seal.This is done to prevent the mud from absorbing water.
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