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Environmental ceramic tile seam filling agent recognition again!

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Environmental ceramic tile seam filling agent recognition again! Ceramic tile seam filling agent in waterborne tangshan branch family day! Ceramic tile gap filling agent has been committed to the production of green environmental protection product, and on the way of environmental quality and public praise for the good level of ceramic tile seam filling agent. Water day group, with 'zero - formaldehyde' environmental protection coating as the main products, is committed to creating non-toxic an outfit. Ceramic tile seam filling agent and water day group environmental protection concept, is hit it off. On (date) (month) (year), after the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, ceramic tile seam filling agent product formal group tangshan branch in water-based family day! Product environmental protection, not only for the general use ceramic tile product caulking agent, approved by the employer is also the building materials of peer recognition. Win-win co-operation between the field of building materials, can let the owner little detours, make belong to the owner of the green environmental protection household. From the source, to ensure that products of environmental protection. A, Germany imported environmental protection material, fill rest assured ceramic tile seam an agent products used by epoxy resin, curing agent, polymer additives, pigments and so on are made by environmental protection material imported from Germany, in the process of production will not volatilize, residues of harmful substances, material itself also possesses better stability. Among them, the ceramic tile seam filling agent products used by the level of toner for make-up toner, looks more natural and beautiful, more soft luster. In addition to the products of raw materials dropped heavily outside, also has the independent research and development of 'think tank', make ceramic tile gap filling agent, on the basis of products with high quality raw materials, make ceramic tile seam filling agent performance more environmental protection, wear-resisting, easy construction. And according to different season, the deployment of ceramic tile consistency of caulking agent at any time, let the caulking division in the use of ceramic tile gap filling agent products can keep products in good condition. In to have a special formula, the three modern production base: in nanjing, jiangsu, shandong jinan, anhui ma on shan and opened the pattern of full speed ahead, as the national ceramic tile gap filling agent user service, produce high quality ceramic tile seam filling agent products. After layers of strict quality control, products to the outbound, using the ceramic tile seam filling agent to ceramic tile seam filling agent all over the country. Second, the professional body detection, quality assured of each product before put into market, will test samples to professional institutions. The test items mainly includes four (RoHS Lead, chromium, mercury, hexavalent chromium) , free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene this two categories, thorough screening harmful chemicals and heavy metals to human body, let owner feel real ceramic tile seam filling agent products of environmental protection. Tested, the ceramic tile of caulking agent products are not contain these harmful material, ceramic tile seam filling agent with instance proved the brand products of environmental protection. Ceramic tile seam filling agent product detects report, in the website all have high clearly the figure, completely transparent exposure also prove the authenticity and accuracy of the test report. Through various efforts, also has the social recognition. 'National ceramic tile seam filling agent industry top ten credit chain', 'China brand integrity', 'promotion of green environmental protection product' the four big honor, marked the ceramic tile seam filling agent in the way of environmental protection has made certain achievements. Three, pleasure and not heavy, to use the rest assured products do not intentionally hide glues material itself have an odor, does not add any additional ingredients, to ensure product quality. Though it smells, but not a pungent odor, is to make the construction caulking and owner in the process of construction to be able to accept the glue material in smell. In addition to the natural smell, due to the use level of toner, caulking agent after curing, color luster and saturation also special nature. Under the irradiation of light, also can reflect different luster, highlight the ceramic tile is filled seam an agent stereo feeling of the whole. Level of cosmetic pigments, has been purified for many times, which will not contain any harmful substances, even if the temperature mutations, or hot water sprinkled on the gap filling agent, will not change the color of caulking agent. Environmental ceramic tile seam filling agent products, nature also can let owner maintain the state of the green in the home. Ceramic tile ceramic tile aperture gap filling agent is the main partition of sewage of volatile responses become harmful to human body mold, bacteria, etc. Caulking agent after curing, can hold two wall ceramic tile, completely isolated from stolen goods into the ceramic tile aperture, also won't let stolen goods to infiltrate the product. So later in the cleaning, the owner has only the normal cleaning can be a clean sweep of the stolen goods, greatly reduce the financial burden on the owner's clean. And acclaimed wear-resisting degree and service life also let owner in after ceramic tile gap filling, do it once and for all, and let the green living in every aspect. R&d and production of the heart, careful inspection of the sale, thoughtful after-sale protection, let the environmental protection building materials industry has left a brilliant colour. Green production and sales of construction road still have a long way to grope for, grope for the cost of the joining partners also cannot leave the owner and caulking agent's support. Will continue to develop new type of environmental ceramic tile seam filling agent products, strictly control the product quality, to develop more unknown market, do a good job in sales of construction service, make ceramic tile caulking agent product to become broad owner heart irreplaceable part of the green life.
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