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Environmental protection caulking agent what is the positive influence for the old man?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Caulking agent of environmental protection is very important for the elderly bedroom to decorate, not environmental protection of the wind filled seam an agent of the old man body health risk, and choose a green gap filling agent, can have a positive impact on the old man's body and role. Caulking agent when the choose and buy, you can check the environmental identity, caulking agent have smell filled seam an agent without pungent smell. Caulking agent meet strict European environmental standards, with pure non-woven materials, caulking agent has good flexibility, good air permeability, environmental protection is the first-class standard. Caulking agent color depends on the color of ceramic tile, concise and beautiful, soft and fine and smooth, the color of quietly elegant, highlights the beauty of the gap filling agent, can bring a person the sense of elegance, the old man's bedroom illuminative healthy environmental protection, at the same time let the old man felt calm and elegant life atmosphere, tie-in black archaize furniture, don't attractive. From the medical point of view, in the body of the function in the elderly fall may have some health problems, such as cataract, cardiovascular aging, aging and other age-related diseases, visual system, which determines the old man love quiet, clean, comfortable, soft household environment, therefore, caulking agent cannot choose too intense, bright colors. If use inferior smooth simple but elegant color such as white, cream-colored, shallow ash gap filling agent, can deserve to dark brown, the color of camel's hair, the furniture such as tan, pearl white, cream-colored. Light gray is filled seam an agent, in the simple nature, dark brown household on collocation, more peaceful feeling. Too bright-coloured colour will become the direct recession burden on the vision, cause mental tension, is not conducive to the old man rest aftercare. Some simple elegant and quiet, dark colors, such as beige, light brown, light grey, pale blue to rest and sleep, calm tone, tone insipid in quiet and peaceful atmosphere of family life. Nostalgic household with dark brown, both keep elegant atmosphere, also bring more subdued color to the whole family. The integral color that is due to the old man visual degradation, former residence room shoulds not be too dark, indoor brightness should be higher than other age groups of users, the caulking agent adjusted the bedroom is tonal, foil gives please come in and peaceful artistic conception. In the elderly is filled seam an agent of the bedroom adornment, chosen the right fan, can create a healthy living environment to the elderly.
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