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Epoxy color sand filled seam an agent can do yourself?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Epoxy color sand caulking agent and bottled gap filling agent, compared to the raw material has not too much of a difference, but with different construction methods, some people think caulking agent construction is very simple, but also some people think the construction of epoxy color sand is more convenient. Do not need glue colour sand, also do not need to seam pressure, what are the steps in the construction of?

1, clear aperture

has a gap is the foundation of doing caulking, clean with tie-in crack-cleaning tools, the gap inside cleared of particles is obvious, visible to the naked eye to keep around 2 mm width, the depth of more than 3 mm. Waterborne epoxy color sand belongs to, although the clean degree of request is not high, but must keep dry, wet gap will directly affect the effect of curing the color sand.

2, mixed sand texture

the color configuration in the sand all the materials are mixed together, forcibly uniform mixing, mixing good material is very thick, but it's good liquidity, no obvious block and powder. Mixing time might be a bit difficult, but don't add water, water-based materials meet water will dissolve, reduce the viscosity.

3, fill the gaps in

scrape board take a small amount of color sand at a time, will the color sand blown into the gap, gap filling of surface leveling redundant color sand at the same time, let the color sand to fill the gap. Scrape excess color sand can reuse, directly under fill in a gap. Good color sand flow, the particles are big, precipitation is very fast, need to pay attention to whether or not in the gap has been filled, if you have any failures, repeatable use colored sand caulking.

4, scrub ceramic tile

gap filled up, and then going to clean up the extra color sand on the surface of the ceramic tile. Water-based glue colour sand don't need a shovel, sponge. Wet sponge scrub ceramic tile surface in the form of a circle, try not to rub into the slot, avoid the color sand inside out. When washing, if the color sand stick to the area is not large, can brush only stick to, scrub to transparent color is swabbed clean water damage. Wash wash sponge in water, while you are scrubbing can reduce trouble.

low temperature in winter, a lot of places are already close to zero, if you need to do in this weather friend of caulking, not recommended construction. Whether caulking agent or epoxy color sand, they are not suitable for use in such low temperatures, in order to achieve better effect, suggest the day warm again to do.
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