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Evergrande said, you have to come!

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Evergrande said, you have to come! Opened new journey of life consists of routine, and then join and become, in every journey, can find different scenery. The world fortune - Another jiuge Evergrande real estate in China, the current 'shaoxing Evergrande yue fu fairy project' smooth finish. Overall, composed of houses, shuangpin villa, high-rise. As a 'luxury' community, in order to meet the strong demand for 'high-quality goods' decorate owner, 'Evergrande east China company' invited 'leading' brand 'marriage' at the scene. As Evergrande in jinan, Qingdao, Harbin, jiaozuo, jiaxing has long been a strategic cooperation brand and so on region, ceramic tile gap filling industry professional do high-end brands - 'Caulking, nature will not miss this festival. Make full use of the brand effect to each other, combination, deep community, improve conversion rate, accelerate the city 'caulking' generation of strategic planning of the ground. Constant and numerous first-line brand appeal to the people, such as on, despite the booth filled up with mineral water, but the colleagues hours didn't drink in one gulp. 'The order of the new residence halls and rooms each caulking? What kind of ceramic tile can do caulking? How to distinguish the stand or fall of caulking agent? Winter construction attention points of. . . 'look at the cute faces of gods, colleagues what also don't' speak ', 'said'. Company displayed great professional equipment, construction technology, s m seam precision pressure, degree of uniform into the material. Let owner experience personally the smell of the product, viscosity, hardness, brightness, chroma, such as comprehensive index, to obtain constant and the guests. Sign the bill at the scene, intention, and once again proved that influence in the industry of caulking. Above for converting site demonstration was invited to attend, natural ambitions to the stage, to the list of the little brother little sister, elderly men and women under the science what is caulking. Well, caulking, can let the home is very beautiful, let you also is very beautiful! Because, dating, if your shoes is broken, still perhaps can temporarily come in handy to save your life happiness, Ha ha) 。 Caulking agent industry emerged years, in the years ago, when most of the ceramic tile aperture are made with white cement for caulking, easy black, moldy after a year of ceramic tile aperture. Caulking products, arises at the historic moment, caulking products '' formaldehyde, can let the children play on the ground. 'Caulking' as the first to enter the brand of the industry, as the owner of the home installs the demand is higher and higher, caulking the rapid development of industry that is not valued so, thus derived many 3 without the brand, and a mess everywhere. As famous brand of 'into the pit,' once, 'caulking' are countless 'shanzhai'. Once upon a time, in order to hit the 'copycats, the company's legal department continuous work overtime for half a year! 'Caulking' hired mei ting as my company's image ambassador. Evergrande property, gold mantis decoration, long-term strategic partner. Wuhan and xuzhou two operational headquarters, a service center, an agent, construction technology, professional equipment, has: light smell, strong viscosity, the advantage of high brightness. Ceramic tile gap filling, wisdom to choose ', 'certification, exported to Japan, Australia, caulking division, sales team. The choice of a family, formaldehyde, care for children, care home. Let you from mm gap, to spy out our focus and originality to geographic unreal colour become your home beautiful paintings of the choice of a family of formaldehyde, care for children, care home.
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