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Exterior caulking agent use method and matters needing attention

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Daub method of exterior caulking agent with ceramic tile way is the same as the daub, and relative to the indoor ceramic tile, exterior wall using gap filling agent, the effect will be better. Ceramic tile gap filling agent small make up today about the exterior wall to share with you the use method and matters needing attention of caulking agent. , caulking agent belongs to the flow of liquid, directly spray gun pressure into the seam in diagonal direction along the brick surface, fill the gaps, then cleared surface excess mucilage; , trimming is should pay attention to allow it to dry naturally, after being filled seam an agent has certain hardness, with a rubber spatula or slightly wet sponge tool will sew caulking agent such as compaction and nap, and then clean with a slightly damp sponge or cloth to clean on the surface of the ceramic tile; And pressure seam caulking and repair time is ~ minutes commonly, the lower the temperature, need the longer the time interval; And some matters need attention when using caulking agent: gap to clean, no debris, floating ash, concrete, water, etc. ; , such as brick seam is too dry, or ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, appropriate aperture with water wet in advance; , exterior caulking agent suitable for use in ℃ ~ ℃ environment; , avoid by all means will have hard mucilage reoccupy after add water to mixing; , not use special cleaning cleaning materials.
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