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Floor heating must use special caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Common friend home in the north are fitted with floor heating, which may be for caulking agent can use on floor heating is more or less there will be some confusion, so have dedicated caulking agent on floor heating? Caulking today for you to solve this problem. First caulking agent currently on the market are mostly bicomponent gap filling agent, would, of course, also the existence of single-component, but most are suitable for use in floor heating. As long as the floor heating temperature not higher than the degrees Celsius, the temperature gap filling after curing agent is completely can adapt to, so don't have to worry about floor heating can do caulking! However, small make up recommend construction time, you'd better turn off the heating floor! But in addition to the floor heating, outdoor temperature is higher, due to long time sunlight, outdoor temperature will be higher. Such common caulking agent is able to resist, so you can use the international outdoor to do caulking, can be high temperature resistant, unafraid to corrosion of the rain!
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