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Floor tile how with caulking agent remedy when there is no smooth?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Floor tile is not laying on the ground, he found that it exists not beautiful, so some people are going to use caulking agent to remedy, but I can't smooth floor tile to use caulking agent remedy? Ceramic tile seam filling agent in indoor use is also more and more, there are also many people choose this kind of product, but the effect of caulking agent have? International caulking agent factory below small make up to introduce to you. One, the floor tile with caulking agent to remedy when there is no smooth? The answer is possible. First advised to choose a color consistent with floor tile gap filling agent, so look not to come out on the vision is rough. Second is must leave a certain gap between ceramic tile, ( Usually want to set aside one to eight millimeters wide spacing, while the depth for 1 to 2 mm) It can be for caulking. Although gap filling in a certain extent, can be remedied, but essentially still have certain height difference of ceramic tile aperture, it only can simply make up these defects. Second, the efficacy of caulking agent have? , fashion household decorates the essentials of caulking agent in the whole of the proportion of domestic outfit is very small, or in charge this is basic to the point of ignoring, but the nods eyeball pen of caulking agent is a family to decorate, why, gap filling agent, color variety, exquisite natural color, strong color adornment effect, can further enhance the aesthetic feeling of the whole metope, fully meet the modern's aesthetic decorate. Color at the same time, choose the appropriate gap filling agent, can be a perfect fusion of the color of ceramic tile and help raise the overall levels of the decoration, household looks more beautiful. Does not contain formaldehyde, international gap filling agent, the product green ecological health environmental protection has become the first of the modern human concern a problem, no matter what buy decorate material rather than buy expensive with environmental protection certification and testing is not cheap when decorating a large part of the idea, good brand gap filling products, from raw material acquisition, production of production and construction, are strict with product quality. Ensure that the product healthy environmental protection, harmful ingredients that ensure your family's health. At the same time, the ceramic tile gap filling, can effectively prevent the bacterium of ceramic tile aperture, strong waterproof antifouling mouldproof effect, and the international characteristic is filled seam an agent does not contain formaldehyde products through national testing report certification. Caulking agent is commonly use only one week after laying the floor tile, not in the floor tile laid before use. If you feel caulking agent used for interior decoration of need, need to use it in indoor decoration, can consider to buy some ceramic tile when decorate caulking agent.
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