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Full of harvest! The next good-bye! The fifth national international business training ended!

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
After a whole day's training yesterday, I believe that the presence of partners has probably understand the current gap filling market rule, and how to talk about single, expand service scope. But, want to talk about the single, the proper use of some caulking products of professional operation is essential. International independent research and development, independent production, independent sales gap filling products, natural to have a lot of professional knowledge gap filling products. Chen from international product itself, the main component of caulking grout products, by the simple way to present partners are explained. Everyone knows some of the conventional additives, Chen is simply about, let partners to know about it. But for some other harmful additives on the market, for the sake of partners health considerations, the general Chen emphatically has carried on the explanation. This is to let partners, why do you have a variety of physical discomfort occurs on the construction situation, why can't use these harm to human body health gap filling products. In addition to the gap filling product, want to do caulking this business, the ceramic tile of necessary knowledge is also essential. Ceramic tile is closely linked with caulking, part of ceramic tile knowledge, not only can let the partners construction more effectively, also can let the partners in the process of talking about single, and the owners have more topic, talk about single efficiency. Although today's course is nearing an end, but no less partners learning enthusiasm. In the process of Chen explained, partners also in learning, thinking of new problems. Stay on the PPT content on end, then entered the questions link. From the caulking construction to the international development direction in the future, a question raised by partners, Chen has made a reasonable explanation to them at the scene. Some issues need to see the actual operation can, international also prepared the video at the scene, for partners to closely observe. In addition, in their spare time, partners didn't stop learning steps. See Chen sat on a side to rest, they round up and ask Chen is not mentioned in the training sessions. After two days of theoretical knowledge learning, cooperative dealers have think a lot, they are active on the stage, and began to share their learning experience. Before have partners feel that their lips are stupid and not on professional knowledge, but through this two days of course, he learned many professional words and caulking knowledge, back after he was more confident when they talk to others about single. Have published partners, said he started at caulking division, do not understand what marketing, only know their maximum haven't make a lot of money every day. Very tired, also very confused, but after listening to the class, after he found the direction of the efforts. Have partners after listening to these two days of course, in the international gift notebook has written his goal for next year. They hope that through today's and future study hard, can realize their dreams. Some partners have not first came to the training, but because each new international to different learning content, let him come every time there will be a new experience, new feeling, they were lucky to be able to become an international provider of, can grow up together with the international. For their share, but also very moved. This shows that the international efforts this time is not in vain, and succeeded to let every one to come to learn the purpose of the partners have to acquire knowledge. Two days of time is very fast, the fifth session of the national partners will also usher in the end. At the end of the training, international practice award for excellent students, team, group taken as a souvenir for the partners, every man left his full smile. After the training, according to the international staff guidance, some partners decided to want to go further with the international sign the service agreement. Caulking service providers, jie caulking service providers, is according to the current international gap filling the direction of the market launch of a new mode of alliance cooperation. Unlike agents, distributors, service providers are direct docking with the international headquarters, have more to join welfare, more positive policy, more professional guidance. Can say, the distance between service providers and international headquarters closer, there will be more about brand marketing opportunity for service providers to bold attempt, let service marketing for the broader field of vision, get more profits. This didn't have a chance to come to the scene of the partners are also don't try so hard, the international council for each want to develop a broader cooperation, olive branch, partners training also will be held in the indefinite future. As long as partners have aspirant heart, international will sincerely service for you, try to eliminate obstacles on the path of development, you make your way to business success at an early date!
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