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Garbage classification maxed cut! What is the leftover material after caulking garbage?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Across the country are now garbage classification especially first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai have started to enforce garbage classification work and country for garbage classification work now under a lot of determination is bound to win the battle in the field of architectural decoration of garbage classification of garbage that is as a caulking people often produces some leftover material after caulking the leftover material is worthy of the name although now garbage sorting rubbish war has already begun but many may caulking isn't clear whether the leftover material after caulking belong to which kind of garbage garbage classification current mainly divided into four categories, respectively is dry the wet garbage recycling hazardous waste landfill although caulking agent a lot of use are epoxy resin belong to the safe and non-toxic to human body without any harm but it is not able to reuse through natural degradation can recycling and incineration will produce harmful gases after the to is classified as hazardous waste, in fact, we still put it in the smokeless battle needs the participation of each caulking people and seriously implement
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