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Green innovation, steady development - — Caulking progress together with you

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Caulking enter caulking industry from age gap filling agent, in the years of the development of the industry, always adhere to the sustainable development of green innovation. From the management idea, completely changed with caulking practitioners as the leading management idea, go all the way to the caulking practitioners, and work together to create brilliant. And the products more environmentally friendly, more convenient in construction. , environmental protection products, trusted filled seam an agent, currently has five caulking brand products:, he xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain, the product covers the caulking advanced on the market of true porcelain, porcelain, waterborne epoxy, the edge water four categories of caulking products, can meet various owners caulking demand for housing. The company insists on independent research and development, independent production, sales of enterprise development strategy. Because you know, only oneself to master the core technology, can the product to do better. Currently has three modern production base: in nanjing, jiangsu, shandong jinan, anhui ma on shan. Three bases are some r&d team, responsible for developing new product caulking. In the research and development at the same time, the team will also regularly watch on existing caulking formula, according to the seasons change and construction feedback, appropriate to modify the content of each ingredient in the formula, let caulking products can comply with the trend, make product caulking construction more convenient. Commitment has been sticking to environmental production, each product, does not contain formaldehyde, free formaldehyde, benzene, nonylphenol, heavy metals and other harmful substances. And also for each brand of caulking products do the product quality inspection, waiting for the official website platform for consumers to consult, transparent quality, reliable and trusted. 2, building caulking service chain, the service after years of development, the ceramic tile of caulking agent brand throughout China, extending to overseas. In the product market share has risen steadily at the same time, also pay attention to the follow up after-sales service, let all over the country trust customers don't need to eastlands, can enjoy the professional service in a timely manner. Headquartered in xuzhou, currently has two branches: hubei wuhan branch, jiangsu xuzhou branch. Two branch complement each other, hand in hand to hold a good trend for the development of the whole. Headquarters is equipped with the planning department, responsible for fill stitches on offline branding, advertising, event planning, etc. , for smoothly in the service of the country, to lay a solid foundation. Caulking have several service centers across the country, is still in developing. Service center throughout the freshman second-tier cities, into the local every use of the owner, and caulking practitioner's side, close to care about their product usage, in a timely manner to help them to solve any problems that appeared in the process of caulking. From the headquarters to branch to service center, caulking expanding the service network. Just to make choice of each owner, will be able to enjoy the life of green home outfit caulking. Just to let each trust caulking practitioners, problems arise no longer isolated. Third, join the new model, both sides win-win, comply with market rules has been doing in the caulking market today, still no uniform industry standard, the selection and the spelling of all the year round to partners, to join mode to realize the win-win situation. Agent, is the main, roubaix proxy mode of two brands. Jie distribution, is the main xin jie, royal nest, porcelain three major brands distributor mode. Join the two model between brand products, the price will not conflict, let our operators to each other to manage. Who has joined has support, both the agent and distribution, will have the corresponding support policy. Zero jiamingfei, let agent and distribution of no startup money troubles. From the professional material is designed, make franchisees in local more competitive. Irregular operating knowledge training, let the franchisees to practice, better service for the local market. Agent, and jay join the distribution of the two model, let caulking practitioners all over the country have more business opportunities. At the same time, caulking by caulking practitioners propaganda, have more good word of mouth. Caulking products because of its beautiful wear characteristics of the favorite by the owners, caulking companies should also comply with market trend, let enterprises like products full of vitality. In caulking market is still competitive today, caulking will not stop. Caulking will further explore the caulking market, all kinds of service, perfect the internal for entrepreneurs to provide better development environment of caulking. Let every use of the owner can make ideal caulking, let each partner can realize your dream life.
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