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grout expectations: the tile revolution goes digital

by:Kastar     2020-06-12
Most people think the popular phrase refers to the tile dance floor in London in 1920.
Of course, that doesn\'t mean a quiet night inside your new tile.
Because the tiles at home are known for being a little boring.
But this is obviously changing.
Wake up and smell the mud!
Cool tile shapes and patterns are relatively new for Ireland, but the Mediterranean countries have been around for thousands of years.
Now, we are starting to learn from their examples.
Rob Whitaker, creative director of tile company Fired Earth, said: \"Ten years ago, tiles were just what you needed, and the average tile used to be 10 cm square meters White.
They are not what people think the most.
But in the past decade, Whitaker has noticed that Irish and British people have become more adventurous.
He thinks it has something to do with where they go on vacation.
\"The Terracotta Warriors on the entire 1990 floor are our best sellers because people are just starting to travel to Spain and they see them on vacation,\" he explains . \".
\"Now they are going to Egypt and Morocco.
Today, if you show someone the Marrakech tiles, they will know what you are talking about.
They were not afraid of the idea of Moroccan style.
\"The next major development is that with the advent of digital printing, the technology to produce affordable patterns and color tiles has grown rapidly.
Until the beginning of 1990, the printing of tiles was very similar to lino-prints.
If you want a fakewood or faux-stone ceramic-
Tiles, you have to accept a convincing fake.
\"You can see pixelated,\" Whitaker said . \".
\"Now all the big factories are digital and you can buy tiles with beautiful patterns and colors that don\'t look inferior.
\"There are several reasons why you might want to go to artificial wood or stone finishes.
Tiles are easier to maintain than wood or stone.
They are cheaper and easier to install than stones because they are thinner and lighter than stone tiles, so they can be installed on walls or floors.
Another advantage of the tiles is that they are consistent.
\"Stone is a natural product, and the color will change.
\"You can start with the white floor at one end of the room, to the cream at the other end,\" Whitaker said . \".
The fired tiles are handmade high
The final product ranges from 34 euros to 200 euros per square meter.
If this is beyond your budget, rest assured that design and technological innovation are infiltrating into mainstream tiles.
Tile prices for city tiles and bathrooms range from 12 euros to 65 euros per square meter, tile style prices range from 25 euros per square meter to 150 euros, and some more expensive professional products.
\"This new technology opens up a huge road for ceramic tiles,\" said Michael Tyrell of City tiles and bathrooms . \".
\"We have tiles that look like old wood.
Each tile has a one-meter-long texture, so it feels like wood as well.
\"Floor tiles are generally considered too cold for Ireland, but Tyrell thinks it\'s a myth.
\"I had tiles on my own floor and I walked past them barefoot all the time --
\"They feel so cute,\" he said . \"
Another factor in the new popularity of floor tiles may be that more and more Irish houses are heating under the floor.
There are fashion tiles (thankfully)
Beyond the borders of floral patterns.
However, despite the trend of bright colors and geometric patterns, Tyrell found that Irish customers were still a little cautious about tiles.
\"This is an area that deserves the help of interior designers,\" he said . \".
\"We have tiles with amazing colors and patterns, but for our customers, they tend to be too far away unless they are advised.
\"City tiles and bathrooms use their own interior designers to make unique tile suits.
Paulina Plewik, an independent interior designer, was impressed here, adding: \"You can do more with larger tile sizes, more exciting use of new textures and mosaics
For example, the iconic photo mosaic of Audrey Hepburn and Jimmy Dean, you can walk through our store.
Michael Tyrell found that Irish people prefer a soft color scheme that shows diversity in texture.
\"We sell more than one
\"Mixed tiles combine wood effects, Stone effects and metal tiles, but the difference between them is very subtle,\" he said . \".
Although style is important, there are several practical issues that need to be considered for tiles as well.
Remember to budget for the whole job, not just the tiles themselves.
The cost of auxiliary products such as caulking and grouting, delivery and installation may be as low as the tile.
Some companies also offer technical support lines that are the responsibility of people who know the tiles.
This means that people who install tiles can call people who can really help, not just sales people.
Now, let\'s get to know!
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