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Home do not want to do caulking, finish see other caulking products, or a beauty pageant

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Gap is always the pain of ceramic tile, again good ceramic tile, as long as using a number of years long, the cracks started mildewy become dirty inside, leading to ceramic tile also have dimmed. Actually want to fill the gap, there are a lot of caulking products can choose, the effect of different products is different, take a look at the characteristics of all kinds of caulking products have? Not suitable for the ceramic tile of your home!

a, putty powder

mainly of talcum powder putty powder and glue, belong to gypsum and cement base, product easy to glue, surface is rough, generally used to repair the metope, can also be used for the ceramic tile of simple caulking, simple filling effect. Putty powder has the advantage of convenient, inexpensive, and weakness is easy to add all kinds of chemical composition, can be harmful to human health.

2, caulking agent

caulking agent mainly of white cement and inorganic pigments, belong to the dry powder material, we common white opaque in ceramic tile is filled seam an agent. Caulking agent is hard after dry, rough surface without burnish, it is suitable for all kinds of ceramic tile aperture, simple construction, short curing time. Weakness is easy craze, easy to wear and tear, and is not waterproof, over time, black dirty, difficult to clean.

3, caulking agent

is the main ingredient of caulking agent of epoxy resin and high-grade paint, belongs to the polymer matrix, added polymer and help agent, exquisite and rich color, luster and bright. Construction to do inside the gap, after curing smooth surface, such as porcelain, hard is not damaged, and adhesion, and can effectively prevent mildew. Some caulking agent is very environmental protection, but the price also is higher, its weakness is to crack the construction environment demand is high, should have the depth and width of the right, to keep clean, dry, at the same time, some caulking agent would add a lot of chemical substances, have an effect to human body health.

why caulking agent will gradually be preferred as a caulking? Not only because of its effect on the protection and beautification of aperture, also can reduce the trouble of cleaning, easy to clean. Understanding the characteristics of all kinds of caulking products, you are more interested in what kind of?
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