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Home to do caulking, you need to know the key to the problem!

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Common problem collection: home floor tile of wall of all good, all is archaize brick, I want to ask next have appropriate caulking agent can be used? Everyone is made based on gap filling agent, and then use the surface caulking agent do? Or directly with caulking agent? Caulking, when is the best time to do? After the painter or what time? Looking for professional construction group ▏ caulking agent professional construction group ▕ along with the development of domestic outfit industry constantly, all sorts of product technology are in constant innovation, caulking construction has become a professional category differentiation. Small make up believe you in decorating a process is exposed to different kinds of decoration materials, different kinds of decoration is completed by related professional construction team cooperation. Caulking professional construction team has fixed brand cooperation, they will help you choose the most suitable products, to do the best effect, because the construction effect of word of mouth is important. To understand whether a construction team professional, as long as see their construction case, and word of mouth is good, just can know completely. Small make up tips: caulking years into the domestic market, after years of development, the establishment of jinan, ma on shan, a modern production base; Set up headquarters in east China ( Xuzhou, jiangsu province) , central headquarters ( Hubei wuhan) An operational headquarters; Set up multiple chain service center and a number of franchise store, all over the country more than a second-tier cities and cities at the county level. ▏ the door of the building materials market find ▕ small make up as many decorate owner, run building materials market N times, a little attention will find caulking construction team is at the gate of the city, the construction personnel are mostly the nature of the guerrillas, look good and inexpensive, but later once there is a problem, basically couldn't find each other's shadow, can only swallow the bitter fruit, so choose carefully to hit-and-run caulking team. ▏ do-it-yourself construction ▕ small make up also recently saw a lot of netizens in sharing their construction case notes, his first made to the effect is certainly not professional chefs make effect is good, but also waste a lot of material, if you want to learn construction technology or after his small make up recommend can do it yourself, if only single construction, small make up recommend you can choose a professional teacher, both to save time and can save raw materials. Exposure to many more cases because I do too bad at home, had to please our construction team again to cut back, what's more your clasp, ceramic tile clasp is broken. Before the caulking should need a caulking ▏ caulking ▕ small make up here is for everyone to do a simple conclusion: when doing the tile gap filling, the key lies in the size of ceramic tile aperture reserve problem, if the gap is too wide you need to use first fill out seam caulking agent then whisk gap filling agent, both good and strong; If the gap is small, can play caulking agent directly. Caulking agent brand products now are very high degree of hardness, adhesion, color saturation, so also can not directly caulking caulking. Ceramic tile of time as long as there is now a whole demand do caulking, generally reserved under the condition of crack width is the width in mm directly with caulking agent construction. Small make up special tips: archaize brick need to wax stick or crepe paper, otherwise the late remaining material is difficult to clean. Caulking construction time has the following two cases: summarize ▏ construction in condole top, cabinets, sanitary ware installation before ▕ if after ceramic tile in the kitchen, bathroom wall, condole top installation directly, will pin part of the wall brick, when doing caulking occurs at the junction of caulking construction is not completely, glue guns cannot bring caulking agent into the inside of the border. To install the cabinets and sanitary ware will increase the difficulty of the caulking construction, one thousand have no patience caulking master will hurry, loss of the owner is yourself. So according to the experience of the small make up for many years, it is recommended that when decorating a kitchen and between wei yu to finish first, caulking, condole top, cabinets, sanitary ware after installation. ▏ caulking construction in brush wall paint, wallpaper, wood door after ▕ mainly is aims at the sitting room and bedroom. Because the sitting room and bedroom metope large brushes the wall paint, wallpaper, wood door installation, a large number of blues and decorate garbage would inevitably arise, in order to reduce the cleaning time and frequency, undertake caulking construction should be the last. Above is filled seam an agent small make up the problems in view of the common caulking, caulking related question, welcome to leave a message. Caulking all selects the high quality, green environmental protection of caulking mouldproof series products, and has a professional team of caulking technology support, relevant personnel after headquarters on duty after training, can provide you with the best quality, the trust of caulking construction services, is the owner of the trust choice!
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