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How about ceramic tile gap filling, construction process, how to operate

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
When people in the construction of ceramic tile, many people want to go for caulking, because that the ceramic tile of the overall effect will be more beautiful, for ceramic tile gap filling, please, you read your school know, and then to make specific decisions, in addition to ceramic tile gap filling construction process is to grasp, the correct construction to ensure better effect. Caulking after home clean, dirty black away: the cracks in the ceramic tile gap filling, smooth surface, easy to scrub caulking agent, convenient and clean, waterproof moisture-proof, can avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. Caulking can not only ensure the clean and beautiful, of ceramic tile can also make the effect is more durable, never fall off.

2, ceramic tile gap filling process can enhance the overall decoration effect, caulking agent itself has rich colour can make the ceramic tile or the visual effect of metope becomes rich and colorful, compared with white cement and color filled seam an agent, has the very good adornment sex.

3, stylish, simple, beautiful and easy, have a comfortable feeling, the characteristic of caulking agent is rich color, no matter what colors are bright and natural, after solidification surface can form the protective film of smooth as porcelain, not only has high brightness, and about the degree of hard ceramic tile, ceramic tile and ceramic tile can be fused into a whole, looks beautiful and easy, a bright. Caulking agent products used in the caulking materials derived from natural resin materials polymerization of polymer compounds, as well as high-grade paint and special additives, the three refined but become, make the caulking agent of green environmental protection, do not contain any toxic substances have harm to the human body, is the real environmental protection material.

5, ceramic tile with gap filling agent, has the penetration resistance, waterproof and wear-resisting function. In use process, ceramic tile aperture is not easy to turn black, but also has the very good self-cleaning, is not easy to shelter evil people and practices, convenient cleaning. Ready ahead of time gap filling agent, gloves, silicone gun, pressure edge ball, crepe paper, brush, pen knife and crack-cleaning cone and other construction materials and tools. Clean the surface of ceramic tile, then to deal with ceramic tile aperture. Use caulking cone first ceramic tile aperture dug around 2 mm deep grooves, ensure the caulking agent has enough paste area, if the groove is too shallow, after fixed gap filling agent, it is easy to fall off. Open the gap filling agent, put on the glue guns, combined with rubber mouth after extrusion waste, then according to the size of the fill gaps in the rubber mouth lateral incision to draw the corresponding size. Will be posted after ShiGongChu crepe paper, then packed in part of ceramic tile aperture gap filling agent, at the same time pay attention to the size of the control. After waiting for the air drying, and then with a shovel knife shovel, a small amount of residual caulking agent after ceramic tile is clean.

ceramic tile gap filling, seen after introduction, people should have mastered, gap filling out the effect of the different of course, people in the construction, also want to ask professional personnel to carry out, so late can reduce a lot of trouble, ceramic tile gap filling construction process is also relatively simple, but also only professionals can know.
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