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How caulking do just good, construction is convenient, save money

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Want gap filling effect is good, the owners are asking around a good master caulking technology, think technology is the important factor of determining gap filling effect. But the effect of technology is not entirely decided caulking, caulking should how to do just best? Continue to look down, teach you how to spend the least money, do the best caulking.

one, choose the right color to match the

to gap filling effect is good, the most basically see the color of caulking agent whether appropriate, use different color is tie-in, choose the most suitable for a kind of decorate a style. Choose the color of caulking agent has four kinds of methods:

1. Approach: a close to the color of your choice and ceramic tile, can let gap and the integration of ceramic tile, feel is a body, build without aperture illusion;

2. Contrast method: choose the color and ceramic tile color instead, tend to use contrasting colors, and ceramic tile appear strong contrast effect;

3. Joker: select any joker color, golden, white, silver series are very fit, but not too pure color, so it will very abrupt color gap;

4. Neutralization: choose can neutralize the effect of color and ceramic tile color, such as color and changes in temperature, deep and light color, pay more attention to the overall effect on the ground.

2, keep in mind the construction step

caulking steps, crack-cleaning, waxing, glue, seam pressure, plastic shovel, a total of five steps when construction must bear in mind that the five steps, are very important to be short of one cannot.

1. Crack-cleaning: use clean seam cone cracks impurities dirt out of the ground, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust, let gap to keep clean and dry;

2. Wax: ceramic tile not smooth need caulking on wax, can also be labeled as crepe paper, don't let the caulking agent directly on the ceramic tile, the gap filling wax and crepe paper along the crack edge of the shop is stuck, don't get into the cracks inside;

3. Glue, you push hard on the glue gun is filled seam an agent from the hose type, moving at a constant speed glue guns, get enough caulking agent into the gap, can guarantee the effect of the seam pressure;

4. Seam pressure: rubber finished after the seam pressure, the effect of different tools come out also have differences, crack a pressure too good, don't repeat, but cross where can repair;

5. Shovel glue: shovel only after curing glue, caulking agent with a shovel knife scooping up gap filling agent, but with the ceramic tile of crepe paper, the seam pressure can be torn off, don't have to wait for curing.

3, attention to detail,

1. Gap on both sides of the clean, a lot of people will only clear the gap at the bottom, both sides are often ignored, will be sure to clean up on the side of the ceramic tile, had a great influence on adhesives set of effect;

2. Ceramic tile with construction of crepe paper, it is a bit of the ongoing work of the rough surface of ceramic tile, it is very difficult to stick or caulking agent on the ceramic tile clean;

3. Keep dry construction environment, can't touch any MingShui, otherwise may affect curing of caulking agent, kept caulking agent.
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