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How do caulking professional sewing?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Seven products, as the saying goes, 'three points process', thus, technology is a top priority in every industry. Ceramic tile seam filling grout looked at simple construction, is actually a much-needed slowly, patiently and very exquisite craft. Good workmanship, caulking to is a work of art, craft no home, caulking effect flaw will now, startling. However is not to say that you do much in this industry, will be able to practice makes perfect, highly skilled. Caulking construction the technical, also need to think in practice, innovation and development. Step by step, improve their skills, the pursuit of excellence, leading the industry development. Construction of each process is very important, especially the seam. This step if the construction master of technology is not good, it is easy to appear all sorts of problems of ceramic tile aperture, the effect is very poor! Let's say a seam those things. Seam timing for ceramic tile seam, after the need to thoroughly clean inside the ceramic tile aperture. Thoroughly clean the standard for ceramic tile aperture dry and in the depth of the owners need to ceramic tile has no obvious impurity. Is only able to achieve this standard, the official start of the play. Dozen sewing step one, the product heating: now the temperature is low, even as it has for caulking products in the factory when the temperature allocate the new formula, but the product will still be thick and not easy to play. So playing products should be placed in the ℃ - before sewing Soak their - ℃ hot water Minutes ( Varies according to concrete immersion time for product series, can ask the factory) 。 Rifle ready: take out the heating good product, mount mixing tube, and according to the width of ceramic tile aperture with box tilt ° Angle on the mixing tube cut open a gap, processing after the completion of caulking products into a glue gun. Using a glue gun hit about ml product abandoned, in order to keep the gap filling product mix. Three, dozen sewing operation: at the seam mixing tube and ceramic tile surface vertical as far as possible, so that gap filling products can full of cracks. Slowly forward while advancing slowly with the glue guns, caulking products to fill the gap evenly. At this time should pay attention to grasp the glue gun propulsion power and frequency, the evenness of ceramic tile gap filling product flow out. Four, timely seam pressure: after joint seam pressure should be timely treatment, avoid too long gap half curing pressure caused by problems such as difficult, the result is bad. Large seam will cause leakage pressure seam, after you have typed a area is the best way to handle it in time pressure seam, again dozen sewing. Play seam considerations, dozen seam, in addition to the human reason, the stand or fall of glue gun is one of the factors, which affect the effect. But there is something wrong with the quality of glue guns can cause caulking gun not stem, fall off, even the emergence of problems, such as tube blasting harm none. So caulking teacher to choose and buy good quality glue guns, ferial should also be fit for the glue guns to do regular cleaning, maintenance, in order to prolong the service life of the glue gun. Play, general common ceramic tile is linear, can play a distance across the line first, and then the longitudinal play; Also can follow after the first vertical cross construction principle; According to certain order to chaos is not recommended construction; As far as possible in the seam after skilled construction, avoid the intermittent, potholes. , cross stitch seams for mastering the shoes, not only ensure the full uniform of aperture, and try to reduce the waste due to alternate construction. Cross crack seam pressure processing is particularly important, radiation pressure along the center to the periphery seam, can be more uneven pressure twice. Cross aperture processing is the test of caulking craft key nodes, the processing of the interface must be natural smooth, like nature itself. , as far as possible a finished rest again, if the rest more than minutes, mixing tube products began to solidify, cannot use. At this point can be preserved together with the mixing tube directly, wait until the next construction, tube can directly replace mixing raw material. , construction don't save and deliberately reduce dosage, recommend every time into the caulking grout than mm, on the surface of the ceramic tile seam pressure. , discharge gap filling grout need role in mouth, with the size of the feeding mouth tilt will have an effect on the capacity, so the material mouth cutting is very important. Generally along the top rubber mouth with a knife cut into degrees, the width of the feeding mouth width slightly smaller than brick, uniform flow, to ensure product quality. Caulking should have a heart of fear, every process perfectly as far as possible, to show good results, won recognition and trust of customers. Brand was founded in Hong Kong, Kowloon, up to now has new development. Company research and development, production, sales, construction as a whole, set a good reputation in the industry of caulking. Development up to now, has great operational headquarters: east China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan, central China headquarters; Large modern production base, jiangsu, nanjing, jinan, shandong province anhui ma on shan dust-free factories; Chain established franchise store more than home, service centers, more than 1 caulking division second-tier cities throughout the country. Caulking teacher training in both receive pre-job, caulking division standards with reference to the construction process, dressing, equipped with perfect, the standard process, the normal construction, attention to detail, perfect after-sale. Its professional and normative let owner more trust, is willing to work with caulking together, make more owners enjoy the green decoration brings the good quality of life.
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