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How much do you know the Mosaic tiles?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Today, ceramic tile seam filling grout tell you Mosaic incarnations: Mosaic is one of the ceramic tile breed rise in recent years, its specifications are small, but rich in color to attract the attention of many people. With rich color, many people choose to use a variety of colors in the process of domestic outfit to joining together into a picture Mosaic, added domestic outfit more personality. The Mosaic don't ooze water, easy to clean characteristics have been widely used in the metope of toilet, can be a collection of beauty and durability of ceramic tile breed. The emergence of the origin of the Mosaic Mosaic has a long history, before he became a ceramic tile, Mosaic metope are seen as more of a Mosaic art. People discovered the earliest use of this technology is Sue beauty of the temple wall. And through archaeological discoveries, Mosaic in the ancient Greek period began to spread. And in the development of after, Mosaic has been embellished with the church. Church on colorful Mosaic Mosaic combined with religious influence, make the church more solemn and serious. Mosaic for the church to become a place of cultural heritage at the same time, also limits the development of itself. So after the painting technology development, the adornment of the Mosaic gradually lost its position. The decline of the Mosaic continued to modern times. At the same time of rapid economic development, people's thought also got further leap. The end of the century Spain, highland began to integrate the Mosaic art, building of Mosaic officially entered the building materials industry. Since then, Mosaic really starting to be used in home decor. So far, the Mosaic with its own advantages, not only spawned many kinds, many colors, also let more creative people joining together into the beautiful landscape of domestic outfit. The types of Mosaic Mosaic development up to now, according to the production process is divided into two categories: the difference between a ceramic Mosaic and glass Mosaic. Ceramic Mosaic ceramic Mosaic for using high-quality porcelain clay fire namely, into the Mosaic. Appear as the original Mosaic tiles, ceramic Mosaic had been widely used in architectural appearance and swimming pool. After Mosaic wind rise again, and was applied to the adornment such as toilet, kitchen area. Ceramic Mosaic color variety, quality of a material is solid, durable, acid-proof, alkali resistance, fireproof, wearable, pressure resistance is strong, bibulous rate is small, don't ooze water, easy to clean, is the best choice of metope adornment. But due to the development of the Mosaic process, color is more bright, exterior is more solid glass Mosaic has gradually replaced the status of the ceramic Mosaic. Glass Mosaic glass Mosaic is called glass Mosaic or cellophane skin brick. It is a kind of small specifications of color coating glass. Glass Mosaic is made from natural mineral and glass powder, it is the safest materials, is also outstanding environmental protection material. It is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, do not fade, is the most suitable to decorate the room that defend bath wall ground building materials. Compared with ceramic Mosaic glass Mosaic, colour more rich, in addition to the traditional glaze color, because it has the characteristics of glass surface layer, also can make a transparent effect, cooperate with lamplight more rich and colorful. So glass Mosaic not only widely used in home outfit, in a hotel, restaurant, lobby, dance halls and other places have good play. Suited to the adornment style of Mediterranean style free romantic Mediterranean style characteristic and the rich diversity of Mosaic color bring out the best in each other. Mostly use the blue and white in the Mediterranean adornment, Mosaic glass Mosaic, wall in the bathroom for a dry wet depart, or sink decoration into the appearance of the blue and white is a unique choice. Rural style of rural style floral elements can reflect with Mosaic, such as in the porch or stage of build by laying bricks or stones wall Mosaic, with pale green, with the color of owner like to do an ornament, the metope of a small and pure and fresh and stand out from the crowd. Rich individual character of the visit at the same time also can let people feel shine at the moment. Industry style style as a derivative of contemporary and contracted style, at the same time of contracted from tonal go up to also give a person a kind of car-scrapping feeling. And rich decorative Mosaic can also feed into the characteristics of this kind of style, the metope of toilet, the metope of the kitchen is a good choice. Mosaic caulking construction matters needing attention due to the smaller Mosaic, when caulking, if use traditional a two-component caulking products, is bound to increase construction. So proposal, construction of Mosaic, as far as possible choose waterborne epoxy for construction. Waterborne epoxy need before construction in strict accordance with the ratio of the caulking and stirring after need scraping board will caulking grout evenly into the gap of the Mosaic. Small size, large aperture due to the Mosaic, so attention should be paid to let every crevice. In addition, when clean up the remaining material, the surface of the glass Mosaic might have some residual sequins. At this time as long as to determine the surface caulking was all cleaned up after dry with a clean cloth, sponge wiped gently can remove and clean. Water porcelain epoxy easily solve the problem of the Mosaic caulking, can adapt to bad environment, such as heat, cold, erosion. Full house general, antibacterial mouldproof, can resist the harmful fungus inside the gap of breeding, waterproof antifouling, swabbed easily, namely namely net, prolong the life span of the Mosaic from the side. Also have professional caulking, caulking division in both receive pre-job training, full system let water porcelain epoxy construction more professional. Caulking division strictly abide by the construction process and construction acceptance certificate signed and at the same time with the owner, let owner before construction and after construction are no worries.
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