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How much is a meter ceramic tile seam filling agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Many owners think caulking is rich to do, in fact do caulking isn't expensive, home, everyone can do caulking. Do caulking there are two ways, one is please people do, one is yourself. If a little careful calculation and strict budgeting, can choose for themselves, than please do caulking to save a lot of teacher. So how much you need to please the teacher do caulking, they are how to charge of? Before we use is filled seam an agent, and now the caulking agent not only than the caulking agent have better household adornment effect, and caulking agent is not expensive, in general, in a house, how much gap filling agent, the price of caulking agent about yuan square meters, it is filled seam an agent only the cost of the material. If plus labor ( As for material) , the price is about - Yuan square meters or so, mainly to see the specification of ceramic tile size. Ceramic tile gap filling is a relatively high technical content, need to please the professional workers to operate, or waste materials, also affect the beautiful sex of household. The price of ceramic tile seam filling agent besides related to ceramic tile specification size, also with caulking agent quality, construction technology, local consumption level. Usually ceramic tile of labor in yuan square meters or so, that is to say, if the house is flat ceramic tile of labor in yuan, plus the cost of raw materials is the ceramic tile of the total price. Ceramic tile of charging ways, according to the construction of square charge fees in accordance with the construction area, is a lot of caulking master the commonly used way, through a simple measurement, can know need construction area size. This way will need to consider the size of the ceramic tile specifications, in the same area, different specifications for ceramic tile, fee standards are different. Specifications for * mm ceramic tile, yuan per square meter, and specifications for * mm ceramic tile, the price of every square metre in ~ yuan. Charge, according to the construction of gap length and ceramic tile gap length specifications has a lot to do, ceramic tile size, the smaller the aperture, the more need of construction of the longer length. Often, caulking master fee is according to the number of meters, a meter may need to yuan. Such a way to charge is transparent, can be calculated by measuring, very reasonable. , collect fees by caulking agent believes that many owners decorate in the early time of encountered this kind of way to charge, this way has gradually become obsolete. Because we cannot calculate the amount of construction, also don't know the teacher at the time of construction waste, it will lead to unreasonable charges, the owner is very bad.
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