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How much of a gap for caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Ceramic tile is at present in domestic outfit is of a very common one kind of decoration materials, both in metope and ground can use different ceramic tile to do different adornment effect. Now some of the owners in order to solve the problem of ceramic tile aperture black, direct purchase of seamless brick ground adornment, ceramic tile aperture will be black, you say I seamless brick allows no cracks on the ground directly, it is not solved? Actually, ceramic tile seam filling agent factory tell you seamless brick is not leave no gap, just leave the gap is very small. Really want to never dirty black ceramic tile aperture, or good caulking! The decorative ceramic tile gap is not uniform, reserved aperture to seam according to the specifications and materials of ceramic tile. Caulking and want to do is put the gap width is greater than reserved. Mm depth is greater than the mm, why want to leave such a big gap? Because ceramic tile is as the change of the temperature and the reaction of a thermal barrier from the cold. If the gap is too small, some ceramic tile wriggle through the earth will appear. The ceramic tile on the market there are many kinds of specifications size, general large ceramic tile specifications in mm x mm, like this kind of ceramic tile stick to set aside about mm width. Of the specifications of the small ceramic tile in x mm, reserved aperture are in mm or so, and Mosaic tiles is an exception, because the Mosaic tiles are small, so stick to highlight effect, the aperture reserved a few bigger, generally in mm or so. As for the ceramic tile specifications and caulking agent only exist certain differences between the size, in fact, the depth of the crack and the width may also affect the dosage of caulking agent. In general, the same aperture size, large ceramic tile need caulking agent less than small ceramic tile, this is because the large ceramic tile gap left between to less than the small ceramic tile, ceramic tile of different specification will leave gaps of different sizes.
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