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How should the balcony decorate?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
The afternoon sun through the glass of the balcony, mottled sprinkled on the ceramic tile, red brick wall with a simple charm, swaying traffic downstairs. The genial wind rustled, feel particularly of body and mind refreshed. The balcony, not only is the existence of drying clothes, there is sunshine, flowers, and the breeze. How to plan a happy little space? Caulking today bring you a terrace, as long as the careful arrangement, your home balcony also can become happy dove-cot. Into a lounge bar and small bookstore standard residential are generally closed balcony, width in - 。 Meters, area in square meters or so, if the owner want to make full use of up to the balcony, the balcony can be converted into a simple and easy leisure, a small sofa, put two or three pillows, place a small tea table, near either as a lounge, can also be used as a private place for recreation. Small garden + bird's nest hanging basket larger family balcony area in square meters or so commonly, the balcony has closed and semi-closed, owner can according to your own personality preferences, appropriate to the style of the balcony are modified, if the owners prefer close to nature, can be semi-closed balcony into a small garden. If the balcony to use ceramic tile laid, it is suggested that according to the bottom area of the hanging basket to do a small area of the carpet, in case you scratch the surface of the ceramic tile. Imagine, in such an open place, can be bathed in warm sunshine during the day, night can see the lights, will you still believe that this was the place you used to bask in clothes? The balcony should choose what kind of ceramic tile? In the balcony into you want to look after, also pay attention to the daily maintenance. For the balcony, the function of practicality is very important also, considering the demand of the balcony to dry clothing and a window ventilated, when to the balcony to choose ceramic tile to choose waterproof prevent slippery ceramic tile, archaize brick is a good choice. Caulking in this recommendation to owner had better not choose laying carpet on the balcony, especially some do not enclosed the balcony, can make carpet particles adsorption many bacteria, still can make carpet wet rainy day, breed more bacteria. Choose ceramic tile laying will be more convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance. Tile floor balcony need with caulking agent? Happiness fossa, meticulously natural careful to every corner. Ceramic tile gap filling to join, can not only play the role of beautification of ceramic tile, can bring the balcony whole style more delicate adornment effect. Curing dry after ceramic tile gap filling agent, can with the gaps between the tiles to hold together, and also has a layer of protective film in the surface of caulking, prevent moisture deep deep influence coating adhesive. In addition, caulking also has good toughness, as temperatures heat bilges cold shrink and expansion, can prevent rupture or arch, to guarantee its service life. Caulking products have common nearly 20 kinds of caulking color on the market, to meet the demand of most of the owner of the caulking decoration. In addition, also has more customized color, let owner while enjoy professional caulking, will also be able to witness for caulking and sublimation of the whole decorate a style.
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