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How the construction in order to ensure the service life of caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Caulking agent is a kind of ‌ ‌ decorate material, caulking construction is also a more time-consuming process, so many users are very concerned about the life of gap filling agent, hope life longer gap filling agent, can better enjoy the household environment. In general, caulking agent has certain use fixed number of year, although the time is not the same, but, if you choose good quality caulking agent products and skilled construction technology and exquisite caulking construction service team, is better able to help the owner to extend the use fixed number of year after ceramic tile gap filling. Caulking agent choice: first of all, from the caulking agent selection, choose a produced by normal manufacturer, environmentally friendly and quality assured gap filling agent, due to guarantee the construction of use fixed number of year for longer, let the effect after caulking construction, not a pungent smell even fracture, fall off wait for a phenomenon. The concrete can be reflected from two aspects, on the one hand is the visual effect of gap filling agent, on the other hand is filled seam an agent bonding and exist. Visual effects: effect aspects: good quality is the color of caulking agent is composed of environmental protection of special polymer materials, ensures that bright color has been unabated, and do not fade. Bonding degree and the existing: bonding degree: according to the gap filling adhesive agent itself into degrees, namely its moderate flexibility and contractility, fill in seam an agent after curing, the surface height with ceramic tile surface height. - 。 MM height difference, so that no matter how people in ceramic tile on or drag items above, will not hurt filled seam an agent, so the service life of caulking agent and ceramic tile almost as long service life, if the bonding degree of small, relatively short life span. Caulking construction: second, from the caulking construction, construction to be carried out in accordance with the process standards, to ensure the use fixed number of year for longer. Choose professional caulking construction team, for the owner to choose match the ceramic tile of caulking agent products of high quality, environmental protection, let owner satisfaction gap filling. Gap filling agent, the better, the quality of caulking construction more beautiful, the ceramic tile seam filling agent used after gap filling time is more long, so do the ceramic tile caulking must choose the high quality products and good technical construction team, so as to prolong the life of caulking.
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