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How to build the practical beautiful kitchen?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Kitchen this niche, it is daily life is full of beauty and sweet place. The United States, from the owner's family every day prepare a table for table delicacies. Warmth, from preparing food to eat together and harmonious family atmosphere. Behind the happiness life, need to have good hardware support, a both practical and beautiful kitchen, for the owner of the life of a lot of comfort and pleasure. Although the area of the kitchen is not big, but the whole house is decorated in the complex part contains almost all here. Small to POTS and pans, large oven, the refrigerator need to use to daily home appliance inside the kitchen, things will be more. If you want to make the whole kitchen neat and uniform, and in the process of using won't be blocked, can consult some Suggestions for decoration. Before, do not blindly pursue the open kitchen decorate, the owner may refer to all kinds of decoration effect, it including all kinds of decoration of the open kitchen. Open mode kitchen is beautiful and easy, owners are likely to move, want to decorate this type. However, open mode kitchen is not well suited to Chinese food cooking habits. If not diligently to clean, time grew, the room will be covered with a layer of oily lampblack, affect indoor health situation. As a result, the owner should think according to oneself the home dining habits of the kitchen decorate. Don't often cook a meal, or only do consider the open kitchen lampblack small dishes. If often cook and lampblack is bigger, but want to make it open, can consider to make kitchen ventilation situation better, let the more power to discharge as far as possible lampblack of lampblack machine. Can also add a layer of door or glass partition, appropriate stop some lampblack when cooking. To prevent slippery ceramic tile, prevent slippery ceramic tile to choose the right place with slippery wear-resisting, high safety coefficient, many of the owners can choose to use. But the kitchen environment is special, for a long time of lampblack gradually formed a layer of oil on the surface of the ceramic tile. Prevent slippery ceramic tile surface is rough, cleanup will be more complicated. So in order to clean and convenient in the future, when the shop sticks ceramic tile, in addition to the need to prevent slippery ground, other places or ordinary ceramic tile shop sticks. In addition, the ceramic tile aperture is a sanitation corner. The owner after the shop is stuck in ceramic tile can do caulking agent construction, to guard the ceramic tile aperture. Caulking can effectively resist various stains in life in the future, bacteria, make ceramic tile aperture and bright as new. Caulking itself is not stained with besmirch, the owner will be more effort in the after cleaning. , smoke lampblack machine to choose the right in the kitchen lampblack basically discharge by smoke lampblack machine, the exhaust smoke lampblack machine power distance is no obvious relationship with it. In general, take lampblack chance smoking range in cm. As a result, owners don't care about the height of the smoke lampblack machine, when installed according to the use of their high. In order to avoid to meet the situation, the height of the smoke lampblack machine to slightly greater than the height of the user. And in order to let the smoke lampblack machine and hearth of distance control in effective range, the owner in the design also should look at the height of the height of the hearth, as far as possible let the balance between the two, the late owner also won't feel uncomfortable when using. , depending on the situation, choose to receive a space of kitchen cabinets customization for the kitchen is a big project, and many of the owners in order to avoid after receive a space is insufficient, can choose internal played two cabinet in the kitchen. Actually this kind of excessive building is not conducive to the overall effect of the kitchen, the ambry of too much will make whole kitchen looks heavy, and some of the more special place do ambry is not conducive to later to receive. Owner can according to their own situation, selectively do some cabinets, and as far as possible when doing ambry plan after receive a plan first. Such as the need to bowl chopsticks location inside the cabinet installed ahead of stents, partition, etc. , within a large area of ambry put some receive special plastic crisper, reasonable use a space. In addition, the metope that arrange stage can also purchase some hanging frame, make the article such as pot, seasoning can have a reasonable space, let owner when use don't have to look for everywhere, more convenient. Inside the kitchen have different ways of receive, also can make the whole kitchen space more show life breath. , install multiple lighting lamps and lanterns of the kitchen space, although is not very big, but if the daylighting of the kitchen is not very good, the owner and installed in the hearth of cabinet, cupboard and hearth there will be a piece of dome light shines the blind area. When the owner cut food or wash the dishes, even if the dome light, also can appear couldn't see what is the status at the hands of the situation. For this kind of lighting, suggest the owner when decorate, on the wall of the cabinets and countertops, to install a row of wall lamp, so you can look at the table when preparing food. If the daylighting of the kitchen is better, you can try to wash, cut the mesa chaoyang, and try to not make ambry, chaoyang place can let sunshine point-blank into the kitchen. Have a good kitchen environment, also can let a person have to cook. With important family cooking, eating together, already let family atmosphere more thick, the owners themselves will feel more belong to the happiness of the family. Ceramic tile seam filling agent has been active in the caulking market years, king of caulking true porcelain products cover, water porcelain, porcelain epoxy, the treasure to four categories of products, meet the polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles, Mosaic, microlite the caulking demand of all kinds of ceramic tile. Caulking effect color full, bright like porcelain, fight corrupt wear-resisting, the reasonable selection of green home outfit is you.
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