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How to calculate the caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Caulking agent dosage may be many owners do not know, but when it comes to the construction cost, this is not the same meaning. Decoration of the jointing seam filling agent, the dosage of nature is determined by the ceramic tile aperture size and how much, and in order to define the budget, sometimes also need to be counted out caulking agent dosage. Square meters house need how many bottles of gap filling agent, his math. Whether their construction do caulking, or master please do caulking, dosage aspects must be clear. Packaging of caulking agent is not large, a bottle of net content is ml, which is most of the weight of caulking agents on the market. A bottle of caulking agent can how many meters, construction area of about how much, all to yourself out. Caulking agent and the dosage of the depth of the ceramic tile aperture, size has a direct relationship, if you want to know how many square meters of area need bottles filled seam an agent, we can change into the length of the aperture area to calculate. And different specifications of ceramic tile, gap length are different, but it doesn't matter, according to the formula to calculate, not every kind of ceramic tile can be calculated. The following caulking agent manufacturers to introduce how to calculate for you. Methods: the calculation. Of ceramic tile aperture length calculated, in the case of a piece of ceramic tile, long widening value is the length of a piece of ceramic tile aperture, multiplied by the total blocks of ceramic tile, then know what's the length of all ceramic tile aperture combined. And the total blocks of ceramic tile, you can also use total area divided by the area of a piece of ceramic tile. Formula: ceramic tile aperture length = ( Length + width) X ceramic tile blocks. A set of direct air gap filling agent, can type meters length, but in the gap length can be greatly reduced; Gap with wide. Mm, mm deep, for example, a bottle of caulking agent enough to play meters; With divided by the number of the length of the gap, need bottle filled seam an agent can be calculated. Formula: the group of caulking agent number = the total length of ceramic tile aperture present our actual ceramic tile, for example, the construction area of square meters, the home of the specifications of the ceramic tile is x mm, can draw by calculation, the total length of ceramic tile aperture for m, about bottle filled seam an agent. But everyone's different construction methods, caulking agent dosage is different also, calculates the numerical values are for reference only, can prepare a few more set in one thousand.
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