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How to choose ceramic tile color caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Ceramic tile ground friends all know that in the home, must do ceramic tile ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, or ceramic tile aperture between long will become dirty and dark. So now in the market, not only ceramic tile variety, style of design and color is rich, and the color of ceramic tile gap filling agent is also very much, so the two should be how to match, can present a good effect, is a question many people attention. Let below small make up to share a few ceramic tile color and color of ceramic tile seam filling agent skills: similar to the color is similar color, adornment effect is sure not too ugly, and color differences between the two, with what can form a unified, in coordination with amazing results. For example, the floor tile of beige and orange ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, and gray tiles and white ceramic tile gap filling agent, etc. , are good options, colour shoulds not be more than, can appear otherwise clutter. Fastens with color both color is same, the person gives on the vision of harmonious and unified feeling, good-looking, make sure good, so be more pure and fresh quietly elegant indoor decorate a style to use this way of collocation. Yellow brick, for example, deepening yellow ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, and gray or black brick tile gap filling agent, is a good choice. Cool color and warm color is tie-in way is a classical tonal changes in temperature, often can create a stunning effect. The use of this way, we need to dare, to dare to use collocation, can create the ideal effect. Yellow brick, for instance, add white ceramic tile seam an agent, dark brown brick add buff ceramic tile seam an agent, and dark green with pale yellow brick tile gap filling agent, etc. , has a good effect. Contrast color contrast can give people a strong visual impact feeling, and color contrast to the adornment of the atmosphere is more amazing effect, generally in the new classical, fanfares and other household style is more applications have to be this way. For example, red with green, yellow with purple, blue, orange, black with white, etc. , there are many choice.
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